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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Black-Eyed Kids: What Are They?

4 separate black-eyed kid encounters experienced in Delaware, Ontario, Kansas & Mexico. Maybe one day we'll discover their origin and why they appear.

The following encounters were collected by me over the years:

"I'm a college student Delaware. Around August last year, I was sitting in my car in my driveway listening to music. It was around midnight and I live kind of in the middle of nowhere. While I’m sitting in my car with my eyes closed I start getting this feeling that I’m being watched. I look to my right and I see a figure staring through my car window. It then darts away and then comes back to my window extraordinarily fast. It looked to be about 5 foot, Caucasian and young. The figure was wearing a hood. I got a glimpse of its eyes and I’m sure they were completely black eyes.

Without hesitation, I threw my car in reverse and stepped on the gas. I heard bumping and banging against the right side of my car and I could’ve sworn I felt bumping under my tires and stuff. I thought that I ran over someone in my driveway.

I went to my friend’s house which was about 2 minutes away from mine and I waited an hour in their driveway. After I drove back to my house. There was nobody there, nothing on the ground, no signs of anything that had just happened. Anytime that I told my friends they all think I was overreacting or hallucinating or something. But I know something happened that night, the feeling and sounds of bumping and banging against my car windows and doors and bumps under the tires. I remember this all too well for it to be fake." PS


"A few months back I was driving down a dirt road near where I live (the middle of nowhere in southern Ontario) and my radio started going fuzzy and switched to a different song. Then I see two kids, a boy and a girl age I would guess would be at most 8, sitting down playing on the side of the road. Not being near any houses, which is very strange considering how dangerous it is for kids to be alone on these roads. I see people going way faster than the speed limit all the time. No responsible parent would let their kids play like this.

I was concerned about their safety, so I pulled up beside them and asked if their parents know they are out here and without even looking up at me they just said 'yes' and I said 'ok, well be careful out here and watch out for cars. The girl looked up. OMG! Her eyes were completely black! I quickly drove off, wanting no part of those two kids." T


"This happened about 10-12 years ago and I'm not sure if was the real thing. When I was about 10 or 11 I went to the mall with my mom and we went into Sears near my home in Kansas. We were headed towards the main part of the mall and we passed a lady. I remember she had a baby stroller, and two kids following her. One boy and one girl. They looked a few years younger than me, the boy probably 8 and the girl looked about 6. I distinctly remember these kids having fully black eyes and pale veiny skin. I felt kind of guilty looking at them because I thought they had a condition, so I looked away.

I never forgot about those kids, and I would think about it time to time until recently I looked up their condition. I searched pictures, websites, and different key words to try to find a disease or something. Nothing. Earlier today it clicked with me that what I witnessed could have been paranormal. I'd known about black eyed children for a few years but never put two and two together.

This raised so many questions than answers for me. Why were they following her if they were BEKs? What happened to that lady? I wonder if what I saw is truly paranormal, but I don't think I would want an answer." EL


María Arteaga González opened her door after hearing incessant knocking. Her home was located in the modest Colonia el Bosque neighborhood of Tijuana, the largest city of the Mexican state of Baja California right across the border from San Diego.

It was the late afternoon in March of 2016 and María was getting ready to start dinner as she always did at that time. The two children on her doorstep were about 10 years old, a boy and a girl, with their heads slightly downward. They were wearing what appeared to be handmade clothing. From what María could tell, the children had very pale skin and very even features. Even though they spoke perfect Spanish, she knew that these kids were not from her neighborhood. María thought to call her three children to the door who were about the same age as the two standing before her, but something told her not to.

She then asked if they were lost and where their parents were. The two strange children replied with their original request for water and permission to enter the house. María asked them again if they were lost and the girl of the two repeated, “No, we want to come in.”  María was at a loss as to what to do.

It was when she grabbed her phone to call her husband that the two children finally looked up. What María saw filled her with terror. After making eye contact with them, she screamed while instinctively slamming the door. The two children had solid black eyes, something María had never experienced before. The sight of them had so disturbed this Mexican housewife that she couldn’t speak of it for days.

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