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Sunday, July 25, 2021

'Not Deer' Sightings & Encounters in Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Dakota & North Carolina

4 separate accounts of 'cryptid deer' or 'Not Deer' sightings and encounters throughout the United States. Are these simply mutant deer or supernatural manifestations?

The following accounts have been collected by me:

"I grew up in North Carolina, and we always had deer on our property, and deer hunting was incredibly common in my town. I definitely know people who had experiences with the 'not deer' (or the deor as they are sometimes called). I've heard it all, the 'it was so human! And it had arms!' It walked like a person, and there was something wrong about it's face" but by far the creepiest ones are the ones where you can't tell what's wrong until you can't see it anymore. The most common comment that I've heard was. "It looked me in the eyes and I just 'knew' that it wasn't a deer, I got scared and I ran, and after I got back to the path, I realized that all it's limbs were/ it's head was on backwards."

I've seen people come tearing out of the woods, hyperventilating plenty of times, but I've only had one experience personally. I was looking for Holly with my brother, but he ran back to the path to grab a bucket cause his hands were full, and I was alone. There was a deor maybe 15-20 feet away. I squatted down and got quiet because I thought it was a baby deer and I wanted to watch it. But then it stood up and I knew something was wrong. I have never been so scared in my life. My brother came running back, and he saw it too, for just a second before it ran off. Then it hit me that the deor I saw had WAY too many eyes, and it's legs were just a little bit too long (and maybe backwards). I recently moved to Bridgewater Massachusetts, which has its own set of wild cryptids, but the deor don't seem to be a thing here." MM


I was young when I saw it. Probably around 10 years old. I remember it, and I shouldn’t be able to.

Most of my family lives in St. Louis, MO. My grandfather liked to take us bowling. He used to take this “short cut.” I don’t really know if it was a short cut, if there was a road he didn’t like, or (like my other grandfather) he doesn’t like to drive over bridges. Either way, we took a route that led us by a wooded area.

If you know the Midwest, the farther from town you get, the more it is either untamed land or farmland. This was untamed land. Tall woods and a clearing near the road.

In that clearing there was a group of deer. Not unusual, we normally saw deer that way and my brother and I liked looking at them. One of the deer, a buck, was stood out away from the rest. A little closer to the road, a little farther from the rest.

Luckily, there was a distance between us and the clearing. Covered by some tall grass and so these deer were about 40-50 feet away from us.

That deer was looking straight at our car. Moving its head as we drove by so it could keep watching. Deer have monocular vision (eyes on either side of the head for a wider field of view) so, they look at things from the side. A deer with its nose pointed perpendicular to you is looking at you.

That deer was facing us. That was deer tracking us. That deer had forward facing eyes. That deer was a predator. That deer was not a deer.

That is all I remember- and I shouldn’t remember it at all." BP


"I live in the Midwest but go to college up north in South Dakota area. One night, I had visited the ER for some pain, and was there until almost 2 in the morning. On my drive back, I pulled over on the side of a two lane highway, almost in the grass because I was falling asleep at the wheel and needed a minute to wake up. The area I went to school in was really rural, and I’d driven about 18-20 miles to get to the ER in the first place.

So I’m sitting on the pitch black highway, about 10 miles from my dorm, when a deer crosses in front of my car. There was woods on one side of the highway and farmland on the other, so I figured it was just going to get something to eat. A couple of other deer crossed, about five of them, my headlights being the only thing that even showed me what they were.

As I’m letting them pass, I noticed that one of them had legs in the back that looked broken. It made me think, “Aw, poor deer,” before my sleep haze cleared and I remembered that an animal with broken legs couldn’t walk! I looked closer and noticed that its gait was off, walking in jerky motions. It more looked like it was hopping than walking. The other deer weren’t spooked though, so I figured I shouldn’t be. Until it finally passed by, and I could see it’s body. The neck was too long. The ears were too long. The legs looked inverted, or bowed, almost. Whatever it was was not a deer. When the little group finally crossed, I got back onto the highway and raced off, every nerve in my body telling me that I just saw something I shouldn’t have. I got to my dorm in record time and basically ran across campus, feeling like I’d escaped death.

I never told anyone about that. I figured that since it was late, and I was on painkillers, and very tired, that maybe I’d imagined it. But still, every time I see a deer, a real deer, my body freezes, thinking about what I may have seen that night." B


"My friend and I were driving home on the highway at 2 AM last Thursday July 22, 2021). Earlier in the night, my 2 other friends threw out a disclaimer regarding the reckless deer that love to hit your car rather than you hitting them.

Anyway we were driving behind a tractor trailer after just hitting a red light and as we are approaching the cornfield to our left (50 yards) there was these glowing eyes. So I said to my friend, “I bet that deer is going to jump out into the road.” All I had seen at first glance was 2 glowing eyes and as I’m just looking at this thing I realize that this unknown creature is about as tall as the corn. My friend says, “That’s not a f*cking deer." We instantly freaked as we drove by but, seriously, I feel like I could faintly see a head? Like a very small head with huge glowing eyes that were so close together. My headlights caught the reflection of the eyes as soon as the truck in front of us proceeded enough to view the cornfield.

Legitimately, there is not a single animal/human that could be a possible explanation. I never even knew about these cryptid things until my friend that night exclaimed, “that was a 'not deer'!” I didn’t know what that thing was. This was in central PA, specifically Lebanon, PA." TP

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