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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Son Recalls Mother 'Transforming' Into Huge Growling Reptilian Creature

A woman and her two sons were staying at an old hotel when she suddenly transforms into a growling and threatening Reptilian-like creature. One of the sons details the event.

I received the following account recently:

"I was born in a tiny town in Ohio that borders the Ohio River and West Virginia in 1979. I have one brother who is two years older than me, we'll just call him Charlie. My mom left my dad in 1983 and she moved me and Charlie to a town in the Rocky Mountains. We had to stay at a hotel our first few days there, but it ended up being only one night before my mom got us out of this place because of what happened.

We didn't arrive at the hotel until dark; even when we got into the place, I was noticing the energy was different than anything I had felt before. I remember telling my mom I didn't want to stay there and both Charlie and my mom laughed and said it would be okay.

The place was small, it felt compact and like the walls were closing in on you because it was built in the 1879 (I have proof, did research). Either way, our room was on the second floor. It overlooked an Amtrak railway and the Colorado River, it was on the south end of town. The place was originally built for low-income housing and boy, it was still cheap. Even into my teenaged years, I think the price for a room there was only $30. Cheap, run down, and dirty.

My mom was getting us and herself ready for bed. I think my brother and I were going to pick out a board game to play while my mom got herself ready as well. Our room had a bathroom, which most of the rooms didn't, they had to share one at the end of the hall. The lights were dim in the room, only a lamp by the bed was on. Not even the bathroom light was on. My mom was washing her face in the sink and as Charlie and I were messing around like kids do, he said, "Stop, listen." We both focused in on what she was doing and started to hear a sort of growling. A very low, angry growl.

My mom had her face in the sink and was now violently splashing water onto her face which seemed like it was literally forever, then swung her head up, stood up straight, and looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were opened really wide and her mouth was grinning, but not in a happy way. I mean, baring all her teeth and then started laughing.

This is where it gets super freaky, if that isn't freaky enough for you already, I mean, my mom was pretty nice.

Still looking in the mirror, she looks over to us sitting on the bed through the reflection. She starts laughing harder and growling even more now. It did not sound anything like her. She turned around and faced us and it wasn't her anymore. It was a reptilian-man that stood about 9-foot tall. It didn't have clothes on that I could see, but my brother and I both saw its features in detail, scaly green skin, bright orange-yellow eyes, bright red around its mouth (not sure if I want to call those lips?), extremely sharp and pointed teeth, long sharp black talons (not fingernails, these were thick), and long black curly hair. It was horrifying. My brother and I started screaming at the top of our lungs. I hid behind him and started crying uncontrollably. I've never felt fear like that since then or after and I'm 41.

I'd say it got about halfway to the bed where we were sitting and it was talking to us (more like growling and grunting at us), and saying how hungry it was and how tasty we were going to be. I kept screaming. And screaming. And screaming and trying not to open my eyes because every time I did, it was still there getting a little closer each time I opened them. My brother had a hold of me, too, and probably was screaming just as loud. Once it got halfway to us, we heard an extremely loud knock at the door, "Everything okay in there? Hello? Hello?" They knocked for a minute or two and Charlie and I were looking at the door. We turned to look at the thing and it was gone. My mother just stood there in a complete daze, like, what the hell just happened? In total shock. She ran over to us and hugged us and asked if we were okay, and was crying. I was still crying, of course, I was a little kid and my mom just turned into this thing I cannot explain. Charlie was crying, too.

She hugged us and said, "I promise, I'll never do that again. I promise." She had her face in my neck and I thought, "Monster." She started to growl and I started to cry again, but she laughed and stopped, "Promise, last time."

She got up and answered the door and explained there was a mouse. Sorry for the noise. All the while, the sink was still running. It was raining pretty heavily that night, too, come to think of it.

We left the next morning and Charlie and I spoke about this for years. Hell, we even interrogated our mom about it for years, would never get a straight answer. The only answer she would give was, "I don't want to talk about that." Not what are you talking about, or that was a dream, or we need to get you tested for schizophrenia. None of that. "I don't want to talk about that." When I was about 13, my brother literally forgot it happened. He didn't remember one single thing about it until literally this past year when I talked with him about it again and he started remembering as I told the story to him. He had forgotten for over 25+ years, erased it from his memory.

Well, when I was 17, she did talk about it. I asked her one night and she explained everything. She said she felt like something entered her and took her over. She didn't remember anything until she was standing there in a daze except darkness and trying to reach us, keep us safe. Then she said something that confirmed everything. "But I never did it again, did I?"

The hotel has been demolished and rebuilt, it's now a massage parlor, which is kind of funny because it used to be a whorehouse, a speakeasy, and then low-income housing, back to a "massage" parlor.

Can you tell me if Reptilians "possess" someone? Is she a Reptilian? I can't find a picture or even a rendition of anything it resembled.

Just to be clear, I am of sound mind. I do not see Reptilians or reptile people on a regular basis, although, that image has been burnt in my memory forever.

BTW, my mom does have psychic abilities and has claimed to have 'seen' events before it happens." Name withheld

NOTE: I corresponded with the witness and he swears that this occurred. The town was in west central Colorado, though the witness refused to give the exact location. As far as Reptilian possession of humans, I've heard of a few suspected cases. But nothing as dramatic has this incident. What do you think? Lon

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