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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIII


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Aliens Helped Spawn Life on Earth

Aliens may have been walking around on the Earth millions of years before humankind ever started to evolve on this planet. At least that is what B. W. Saylor of Licking, Missouri, a reader of the UFO Review newspaper (New York City, New York) had come to think after coming across a set of strange footprints imbedded in a solid rock that he estimated to be anywhere from three to five million years old, not too far from his home.  Saylor took a photo of the rock and sent it to Timothy Green Beckley, the editor of the UFO Review newspaper, which was published for the first time in the number 13 issue of that periodical, simply dated for 1982.

“The peculiar thing about the rock is a human-like footprint smack dab in its middle.  This is a left-footed print,” wrote Saylor, adding that, “There is also a right heel print on the edge of the rock.  The prints are imbedded six inches into the rock and the center-located one is over ten inches long. Not only can you clearly see the imprint of a human foot, but it looks more like a shoe than anything else.

“The imprinted rock was found on a steep hill where a bulldozer recently made a road.  When this track was made, the earth in this area was completely flat.  No animal on Earth then or now had such features,” noted Saylor, adding that, “During the time these features were made, humans probably were not even crawling out of the sea.

“The imprint may have been left behind by an alien.  This should prove that humankind did not originate here on Earth.”  When Timothy Green Beckley, the editor of UFO Review, interviewed Saylor on the telephone, he asked him to elaborate on that theory, to which the Missouri fossil hunter and photographer replied, “I think that giant UFOs thousands of miles long and hundreds of miles wide- each one a sort of interplanetary Noah’s Ark, spawned life on this planet.” 

Rocking in the free world….  Missouri fossil hunter finds ancient alien footprint.

Source:  UFO Review, Issue Number 13, 1982.

Spanish Ufologist Tracks Alien Encounters

J. J. Benitez, Spanish ufologist.  See www.planetabenitez.com

Gary Richman, a European correspondent for the National Enquirer (Lantana, Florida), wrote a fascinating article in the 11 September 1984 edition of that weekly tabloid periodical, titled “Incredible Encounters with Space Aliens,” based upon his interviews with the prominent, world-renowned ufologist Juan Jose Benitez of Lejona, Spain, the author of 20 books on alleged contacts by Earthlings with otherworldly beings.  

Benitez explained to Richman that, “Alien beings have frequently been seen by witnesses from all walks of life.  The extraterrestrials vary in appearance, which leads many people to think UFOs come from more than one source.”

Huge Creature on Spanish Air Force Base

One of the more amazing encounters investigated by Benitez involved an actual shoot-out with a huge extraterrestrial creature that occurred just outside the perimeter of a Spanish Air Force base.  From what the diligent ufologist could uncover, three guards at the Air Force base heard a high-pitched, whistling sound that was so acute that it actually hurt their ears.  As they cupped their hands over their ears, however, their attention was diverted to the sky overhead where there appeared an enormous burst of light.  Suspecting a possible attack by saboteurs, the guards went in search of the source of the weird noise; and in a small clump of trees close to the base, the air patrolmen came face-to-face with a 10-foot-tall being bathed in a bright, green light.  One of the guards tried to fire his automatic weapon at the horrific creature.  Before he could even begin to aim his rifle, however, he lost control of the autonomic functions of his body, became blinded and fell to the ground, completely paralyzed.  His two companions immediately opened fire on the enigmatic being, getting off about 50 shots between them, before the alien shimmered and then vanished into thin air.  

A spokesperson for the Spanish Air Force said a follow-up investigation of this alleged incident failed to turn up a single bullet or find even a bullet hole anywhere in the vicinity of the purported encounter.  Fortunately, the guard who was blinded by the creature did regain his sight, but later suffered recurring bouts of momentary blindness.  Air Force doctors were unable to treat this problem, according to the air patrolman, who just had to learn to live with the condition.

Bizarre Beings Sighted Along Spanish Mountain Path  

Yet another encounter in Spain involved a woman, age 20, who claims she encountered two bizarre beings while walking along a mountain path en route to her grandmother’s house.  All of the sudden, she could not take another step and sat down on a large rock beside the trail.  She closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them the two mysterious entities would have disappeared, whereby she could simply dismiss them as mere figments of her imagination.  But when she opened her eyes, she saw the two beings standing right in front and over her; and she was also completely paralyzed.  According to the witness, “They (the beings) were dressed in strange, shapeless tunics.  The beings did not have lips, only a straight line for a mouth which moved and uttered unintelligible sounds.  They had two slits instead of a nose, large eyes and slanted brows.”  In Benitez report on this incident, he notes that the woman informed him that the two beings seemed to be talking to each other for several minutes while taking turns in pointing to her.  Then they simply vanished right before her eyes, at which time she was free from the paralysis and just ran home in terror.  Afterwards, she lost her appetite, suffered from insomnia, as well as a strange eye irritation for several weeks.

Benitez later discovered that around the same time that the Spanish woman was having her encounter, a Spanish amateur astronomer and photographer, Ricardo Rodrigo Lora, snapped four amazing photos of two UFOs while he in the process of photographing the Moon from the observatory that he had built at his home in the mountains. With a telephoto lens, Lora was able to obtain two photos of a large, red UFO with a smaller one at its side.  The Spanish photographer says that the smaller object seemed to merge with the larger one, at which time the now integrated UFO changed color to white with a reddish halo, before it disappeared completely from view, passing beyond the horizon.

Lugging Water for UFOnauts in South Africa

From a rural area of South Africa comes the next close encounter of the third kind.  An engineer from the British Isles working in South Africa, identified only be his initials of “H. M.,” was flagged down one night as he was driving down a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found.  Suddenly, in front of the headlights of his car, appeared a man who waved him down.  H. M. stopped his rented car and the man who flagged him down went over to the right-side window and made the request, “I need water.”  

“OK,” said H. M., inviting the man into his car, whence he turned back to a small bridge that crossed a stream about a mile back.  H. M. grabbed a flashlight and the two walked safely down to the edge of the stream, whence his water-seeking passenger filled up a can that he had brought with him.  Then H. M. drove his passenger back up to the place where he had picked him up.  It was then that the engineer noticed a strange, landed object about 300 feet from the road.  It was saucer-shaped, about 30-45 feet in diameter and rested on struts.  Invited by the man he had helped, H. M. entered into a large circular room inside the saucer where there were four beings, one of whom was lying down with the other three standing directly over him.  The engineer’s escort explained that the one who was lying don on the floor had suffered a small accident, burning himself.  The escorting alien then took the can of water and handed it to the attending extraterrestrials.  According to the testimony of H. M., “The beings I saw in the room were wearing large, beige laboratory jackets, slacks and shoes.  They had pronounced foreheads; soft, feminine hands and no whiskers.”

H. M. was permitted to stay for about 20 minutes until he was escorted off the ship.  He returned to the landing site on the following day; but the only indication that the flying saucer was there were some strange marks on the ground, apparently left by the landing struts. 


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XIV of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller takes a look at the darker side of UFO occupant encounters and a possible link of these entities with the demonic realms. He also offers clues for helping you identify authentic extraterrestrials at your worksite, and puts the spotlight on interplanetary beings living next door to a frightened Pennsylvania retiree. - Lon)

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