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Friday, November 06, 2020

Strange Deer-Like Entity Observed in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

A man in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania has a strange encounter with deer-like being in his backyard. The eyes change colors and it responds to his commands.

The following account was forwarded to me:

I live in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. For a while there’s been strange occurrences around, but recently was the most real and convincing occurrence that there is a cryptid. Basically my girlfriend vacationed at a place where there was known to be Seneca tribes, so I didn't if she brought something back. Anyway, she’s over tonight and I live with another friend FYI. Anyway, we take our dog out and our motion lights aren’t triggered when all of a sudden there’s a hissing sound right next to us and the bushes shake. We rush the dog in as we have no idea what it could be. This area is prone to raccoons and deer and some coyotes.

My friend and I go outside with weapons and flashlights, as our dog is partially blind and has a bad leg so we can’t risk him being attacked. Along with that there is a guy in our rather wooded community that has a brain issue and tends to wonder at night. So, with that in mind, we go outside and we hear a bird call (remind you it’s 1 am). We hear this bird call non-stop. In my mind I’m thinking I’m being lured by the crazy dude, so we go inside. We look out our patio window only to see a deer at our fence line. The deer's back legs look mangled. I kid you not. It actually looks like it’s walking with it’s back legs turned backwards. (There is a deer that roams back there that has a broken leg, but only one and he’s always with the family). Anyway, we see this deer, but when it first looks at us with the flashlight on its eyes are green. It puts its head down and stares as us and we shine the light around and back on it and its eyes are now red, when they go back to green. At that point I’m convinced this is a possible skinwalker-like being.

It turns and is walking around. It isn’t listening to me screaming to leave, so I call it a witch. But I kid you not, it turned its head around and stuck its neck up so freakishly long and stared at me I actually got spooked (I’m a pretty religious dude who often ghost hunts and goes to creepy abandoned spots but I kid you not I kind of heart dropped). So. at this point. I go and get my silver cross and shine the flashlight on the cross so it can see the cross shining and It immediately looks away and I tell it that if it can’t cross the fence line because I don’t give it permission. It straightens up and walked away and didn’t look back. I come back inside.

My friend goes to sleep and I go into my bedroom where my girlfriend is asleep. I lay down next to her. She starts make weird moaning sounds. I wake her up and it turns out she was having a sleep paralysis episode and she had 2 other sleep paralysis episodes during the entire time me and my friend were outside/ I wonder if there is a connection with the deer being? PG