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Friday, November 13, 2020

Large Muscular Creature & UFO Seen in Mackinac County, Michigan

A Michigan man was driving on I-75 in Mackinac County when he observes a large muscular creature crossing in front of him. Afterwards, a bright UFO quickly ascends into the sky.

The following account was recently forward to me by a reader:

"One night this past winter I was driving on I-75, a couple hundred yards south of the Bay Road overpass in Mackinac County, Michigan. I noticed something move near the highway reflectors. Thinking it was a deer I turned on the bright lights and watched for it to cross the road.

As I approached it I notice that what I thought was the reflectors on the highway were orange, and then it blinked on and off like an eye. Thinking, "what the heck is that?" I sped up to get closer. As I got closer I could see the silhouette of the animal. It was sitting like a dog, its head was even with the reflectors. It stood on all 4s and turned and walked down in the ditch then up a little incline then turned and looked at my truck. It turned back to the highway walked on all 4s to the shoulder of the blacktop looked at the truck again with those orange eyes. The eyes were huge. It then jumped to within a foot or two of the center line, and then the next jump landed in the grass on the shoulder of the road. I was probably like 100 feet from it. This animal was rippling in muscles, and looked like it weighed around 500 pounds if not more. Its hair which covered its body looked short and its head was huge with hardly no neck.

After I passed were it crossed I hit the brakes, as there were no cars on the highway, and started to back up. As I got close to the spot where it crossed I suddenly felt fear and thought, "What the hell am I doing?" I put the truck back in drive and began to leave.

As I was rolling the window up I glanced back and noticed a light, bright like a flood light, ascending into the sky at a high rate of speed. It was at a angle of about 1 o'clock and in just a few seconds was out of sight. Something else that was strange was there were not any light rays trailing it." Name withheld

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