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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

'Dirty, Smelly Kid': Possible BEK Connection?

A military man had a bizarre encounter with dirty, smelly kid that he believed may have had some possible connection with the BEK experiences he has read about.

I recently came across this strange account:

"I have spent decades in the military intelligence community, so I don’t want to put out too much information about myself. However, I’m curious if any other experiences overlap my own.

We lived off-base in this rundown community that looks like any other rundown community you find anywhere else next to a military installation. The apartment complex itself was nice by the standards of the rest of the buildings in our area.

At 00:30, on a Friday morning, I was woken up by a series of knocks on my heavy wooden door. I have a rule. One series of knocks is just people messing with the neighbors, but if they really need something, they’ll knock twice. Yup, there came the second series of knocks. I expected it to be someone from work trying to get ahold of me, and my cellphone had died. It had happened before.

I opened the door and stared down at this kid that I estimate to have been six years old. There was so much about the kid that was bizarre, the eyes feature suggested in BEKs seems kind of trivial. I can’t say with one-hundred percent confidence that his eyes were all black orbs...I just don’t know because the rest of him was such a mess. When I look at people, I don’t know I have a habit of avoiding eye contact.

The rest of his description is as follows:

-clothing: grey filthy hooded sweatshirt with hood up halfway with matching sweatpants

-skin complexion: for lack of a better phrase, I would say that he was “extremely pale.” Not clear if there were blemishes in way of freckles on this skin or if he was just really dirty.

- hair: possible reddish brown, messy, dirty, short

His face was in this grimace of hatred. His expression was like someone who was sucking on the world’s most sour candies.

Here’s the worst part of it: the body odor he was radiating was like something I have never smelled before or since. I’ve smelled decomposing bodies in war. The closest smell I can relate to was in Ranger School. In RS, due to the lack of food and rest, often guys’ bodies will start to consume muscle for energy. Combined with the lack of bathing opportunities, this creates an odor that is hard to top. But this kid’s smelled like weaponized foulness.

I asked: Can I help you?

In a voice flat, void of inflection, he said: “My parents don’t like you.”

I responded: “Um…what?”

He stated: “You’ll be okay if you give us something great!”

I slammed the door on him because I thought he was just screwing with me. He let out this “Nooo!” I could hear him on the other side throwing a tantrum like you see toddlers in the store when their parents won’t let them have something. Definitely a very strange thing to do at midnight. However, kids running around the dilapidated neighborhood unsupervised was a pretty common occurrence. I just chalked it up to bad parenting.

I showered and threw my clothes out because I didn’t want that stench on me. I went back to bed because I had to be up again in four hours. The strange thing is that the stench didn’t seem to linger.

I saw this kid on three other occasions. The second time I was going out to my car in the morning, and he was standing in the parking lot glaring at me. When I came home, he was staring at me standing in the same spot. Then when I looked out the window hours later, he was still in the same spot, glaring with that same sneer at nothing. I asked my wife what she made of him, and she said he wasn’t bothering anything. Which was a pretty low bar for that neighborhood. Kids would often run around vandalizing people’s vehicles and apartments.

I thought about calling the authorities. However, what was I going to say? There’s this weird kid. He might need help because he’s weird. And he stinks. The truth is that I hated this kid. Now, I have three kids of my own, so I don’t just out hate other kids. However, I hated this one. I hated his smell. I hated that he existed. I felt like he was trying to target and bully me for some reason. No. I didn’t want to help this kid. Also, I had these paranoid thoughts of, if this kid hates me as much as I hate him, he’s going to lie to the cops and tell them I had harmed him. It could affect my security clearance. It’s best just to ignore him and this will all go away.

One time, I saw him interacting with kids outside, so I know he wasn’t a figment of my imagination. However, he didn’t play with them like a normal kid. This girl would come up and grab him by the arm, and he would just stand there and glare at her. There were kids running around him, and he just stared at them with that grimace.

My wife wanted me to share this experience that I had back in 2011. At the time, I worked in the office of a regional command (J2). I’ve been read into various truly bizarre government programs, however thinking about it, I still don’t know what to make of this kid. I don’t know what to get out of writing this. Maybe, someone knows more about this kid, or has had other experiences similar? I’m not saying this kid was magical or demonic. I can’t rule out that he was truly just some kind of misfortunate. Maybe the right thing to do would have been to get him help. However, I just can’t get past how much I hated him for no reason. Between that and the smell, my experience wasn’t that bizarre. What I do know if that I’m fine with never seeing that kid again. Maybe these BEK experiences can be explained by kids just being extra weird?" SL

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