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Friday, November 20, 2020

Pale Emaciated Humanoid Observed On Cabin Roof Near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

A teen describes a strange encounter with a pale emaciated humanoid while staying in a cabin with his family near Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

The following was recently forwarded to me:

"Back in 2017, I went on a family vacation to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. We were staying in a raised cabin. A golf course was behind the cabin, which was along the side of a forest.

The first day we were there was great. We went back to the cabin and we got our stuff unpacked. I was staying in the loft above the living room. It had windows above the roof to look out of like a split level roof situation. I turned off the TV and went to bed. No problem.

I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. I lay on my side so I have a straight shot out the window across from my sister. In that window was this pale emaciated humanoid thing sitting on the lower roof. I froze in fear willing myself not to move in fear that this thing would try to get in. It cupped its hands around its face like people do trying to see out a window into the dark. It sat there and just watched for a minute that felt like an eternity until the thing turned and crawled on all fours down the side of the cabin presumably back to the woods. I sat there still frozen for another minute or two just to be sure this thing was gone.

The only thing keeping me from running to my parents room was that the entire living room was lined with curtainless windows and the thing just crawled down that way. I had to turn the TV on to get back to bed that night.

The thing was about child size and I am positive an adult would have problems scaling that cabin. I had just enough light to see its form and what it was doing. It was really skinny almost all bones. It was doing that kind of crouch thing where people kind of sit on their feet. 

You can imagine how sleeping in that cabin felt for the other five days. I couldn't sleep in my parents room because they didn't believe me. They said It was just a bad dream. but it wasn't because the TV was still on when I woke up. I had to sleep up there for the rest of the trip, waking up at around the same time every night, then having to turn on the TV just to get back to sleep.

I carried the fear of this thing for years thinking I would see it in my basement window or down the street from me when taking out the trash at night. Watching shows with things that look like that thing almost put me to tears and I don't scare easily. After reading other accounts online, I don't feel as much of that fear now but it still there always at the back of my mind.

Thank you for reading this. It makes me feel so much better about this event when I can just describe it to others." AS

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