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Thursday, November 05, 2020

Bipedal White Goat Charges High Schoolers in West Texas

A high schooler and his friends were out in the boondocks in west Texas when they encounter a white goat that stands on 2 legs and charges at them.

I recently found the following account:

"I had something strange happen to me in high school, back around 1990 in west Texas. There's not many trees where I'm from except this 2-acre patch of thick trees right off the main drag. I was with 5 of my other friends at the time and we were curious about what was in the middle of that area. That and we were looking for a place to drink where we didn't have to drive out of town and party with the coyotes and rattlesnakes. Anyhow, we pulled into a residential street behind the wooded area and all walked in. It was nighttime, not super late or anything but it was still late enough to be kind of creepy though.

We all walked in single file, with me at the front. We were all talking as we walked in trying not to act scared etc. We get far enough in that you can no longer see car lights nearby through the trees or anything. We stop for a moment because my girlfriend at the time started to really get scared and didn't want to go further. When she did this, the other 2 girls that were with us got freaked out too and didn't want to move ahead. Me, however, trying to act macho at the time said , "I ain't scared" and pushed ahead a few yards. Very soon, I could no longer see or hear my friends who should have still be very close.

I look over to my left and notice a very small clearing maybe 10 to 15 feet away I'm guessing. I notice something that catched my eye. It was white and low to the ground. Have you ever seen something and it's like your brain can't catch up to what your seeing so it doesn't really register? As I try to focus on what it is, after a very brief moment I realize it's a white goat. Might sound weird but I had never seen a goat in real-life before so this was unusual to me not to mention there were no fences or really anything to keep it where it was. So unusual I thought.

I don't know how much time elapsed for this whole experience but in hindsight, it feels like only a few seconds. But about as long as it took my brain to process that I was looking at a goat, I was overcome with fear. This thing turned to look at me, got up on 2 legs and came running directly at me. I have never been so overcome with fear in my life. That thing maybe took about 8 or 9 steps and I turned to run back the way I came. No macho anymore, I was screaming to run because a f*cking 2 legged goat was chasing me. We all hauled ass out of there and never went back.

I was so freaked out that I told my parents about it. My Dad laughed and said the property owner probably just messes with kids that sneak in there. Maybe that's the case, I don't know, but I told my Dad that whatever it was ran directly at me. I mean it wasn't dodging trees or nothing, just stood up to be maybe between 4 to 5 foot tall and came full charge straight at me on 2 legs like a human, would but with little goat legs. It's kind of funny thinking about it again actually. I still don't know exactly what I saw but it appeared as a 2-legged goat sprinting at me upright through the trees. I never heard anything, like anything at all. No footsteps, no nothing which was also weird in hindsight. Anyhow, there's my weird goat story from West Texas." LN