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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Maine Big Game Guide Baffled By Activity

I recently received the following account. Was it Bigfoot...or something else?

So this happened about 2 or 3 years ago in the Central Maine area which (in this area) is very thick woods. My dad is a Maine guide and he isn’t someone to believe in anything like this. He is a very rational and sane person and doesn’t just jump to conclusions.

So anyway, him and 2 or 3 other guides were out in training season for bear hunting with dogs. They were running the dogs for a good 2 hours or so, called the dogs back and decided to try another place which was nearby to another one of his bear baits. They let the dogs go and they start running into the woods but still in eyesight, and all of a sudden start acting extremely weird. The dogs start cowering and backing up, which of course isn’t normal for dogs that are trained to run big game. The group of hunters there have never seen any of the dogs act like this, they seemed truly scared of what was beyond the tree line. But it got weirder.

They see good sized tree tops about 100 yards or so in the distance start shaking as whatever it was, was making its way through the thick woods. There was cracking, and snapping of trees on for a good 20-30 seconds before you couldn’t see or hear anything anymore. Of course they thought it could’ve been a moose making the ruckus, but the trees were massive that were being moved and it wouldn’t explain the dogs acting the way they did.

My old man is the smartest person I’ve ever met when it came to the Maine woods and has been in this particular area his whole life and a Maine guide 40+ years and has never ever seen anything like this, not to mention the others that were there. When everything calmed down, they tied up the dogs and made their way in. There were many broken branches, and the only tracks they found was going down a semi-steep hill where it was sandy enough to get a imprint of any sort. He said it didn’t look like a hoofed animal. There were huge tracks but hard too make out a full print due to whatever it was sliding down the hill. They talked for a while about it and one of his friends that were there had a game camera set up nearby as he was hoping to be able to catch it on film. Unfortunately there was nothing and must’ve went in another direction. CD

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