Thursday, March 28, 2019

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Hey folks...on a conditional basis, I'm going to start allowing comments on the blog. Be advised: if it starts to become a problem I will discontinue the comment accessibility. spam or links. No profanity. My tolerance level is low, so productive comments are advised. Thanks...Lon


  1. Concerning the post on hand prints. I think there is a story like that in many places. I live in Iowa and we have a bridge where we have a similar story of a car or bus and kids pushing on it which ended tragically. In our case, our car did roll across the bridge on its own, but we didn't get any hand prints. However, on further looking at the bridge, we realized, in our particular situation, the bridge which looked like it was going uphill, was actually an optical illusion against the surrounding landscape and it was a downhill slide.

    However, the crybaby bridge is so prevalent--almost everyone I talk to (in and out of state) has some similar story and it makes me wonder about shared memory of something horrible handed down across time and place such we all have some connection to it.

  2. Hope it goes well Lon, have a few stories when relevant. Keep well from remainer Britain.

  3. I hope you are feeling better Lon. Thanks for the stories. I look forward to your postings.


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