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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Vivid Dream, Abduction, Old Hag Syndrome...or What?

I'm not sure what to call this...astral travel, OBE, time-slip, Old Hag Syndrome, possession, abduction. I was in my early 30s in the early 2000s...kinda old for Old Hag, which is experienced primarily by much younger people. My wife and I were camping after a hard day of hiking and rock climbing in the Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest in Kentucky...old frontier and civil war country. That night, we quickly fell asleep in our tent, as we were exhausted. Approximately, 3 or 4am, I was shocked by an incredibly vivid dream that burst into my dream vision. I was very aware that I was asleep and dreaming, thus technically lucid dreaming at that moment. I was also very aware of how I was oriented in my tent, where my wife lay asleep, how my tent was situated in my campsite, where the campfire was in general, which way was north, where my car was parked, where the park entrance road and ranger station were, the roadside ditches and underbrush and the general geography of the nearby area. I could see it all, as if outside my body and tent and viewed from above our sleeping bodies.

Then suddenly, the vision of the geography melted and morphed into what I instantly knew was the same place, but different in appearance, what I knew was this was the same place in an much early time. Looking back in hindsight, it could have been a future time. The campgrounds and roads were gone. What was currently thick woods and brush, roads and occasional structures were replaced with rolling hills with occasional and scattered stands of trees. Very far off in the distance on a moonlit bald hillside, I could see two men glowing fuzzy white, bright enough to obscure any details of them, but I knew they were also not from here and now, the impression being a long time past. They were tiny at such a distance, but I knew them as men.

Suddenly, my vision of them zoomed in so that I was face to face with them in a fraction of a second, as if I were unwillingly yanked across the distance to them, rather than them to coming to me. They were both looking straight into my face at what seemed closer than normal conversational spacing. They both turned their glowing and indistinct faces, and looked into the distance off to their left, my right. The illuminated man to my right raised a hand and point a finger in the direction they were looking, leaned in even closer to me and asked me..."Do you want to see a dead body?", indicating where he pointed. To say the very least this was shockingly creepy.

Almost instantly, I am again aware that I am again in my tent, still dreaming all this I would guess. My vision, now, however was from my eyes' normal point of view from where I lay on my back, not from outside of and above me as in the beginning. With my abrupt return to my current and actual location in my tent, I could see my chest, legs and feet as I lay on my back, from a normal point of view. However, there is another body glowing bright and fuzzy white, just as the men in the past distant hillside. This glowing body was taking great care to lay down and position himself precisely into mine lying on my sleeping bag. Starting with the feet, legs and pelvis, they seemed to merge into my body for a perfect matching fit. He then lay into me so that his left shoulder and arm merged into mine. Then his chest into mine. I watched in horror as he placed and merged his remaining right arm and shoulder precisely onto mine, as I laid there utterly unable to move or protest. When the very last of him filled my body's form, I felt my body explode into a rigid spasm of body-wide contraction or convulsion. This was no longer anything that could be thought of as a dream. This was real...I was fully awake. My back was arched like a bridge with only my shoulders and neck and soles of my feet touching the ground. I wanted to scream "Get Out!", but my chest and lungs refused to expand and take the breath I needed to do so. I thought that if I could just get a breath, I could yell loud enough to break the spasm of contraction that had such a complete grip on me. I tried and succeeded to take many tiny sips of air until I had the breath that I need to scream and break free of this terrifying convulsion, and what felt like an invasion of my body. Funny thing is, this whole time, I was aware of my wife sleeping inches away...and that if I yelled "Get Out!", that it would certainly frighten her so I decided yell "Stop It!" instead. And I did just that.

That very instant, the entire event was over. No more body wrenching spasm, no glowing form within me, just me and my white-eyed wife bolt upright beside me. It was over. I insisted that she lay in physical contact with me for the rest of the early morning. I refused to allow myself to go to sleep until I could see the orange glow to the east that was the soon to rise, morning sun. For the next three days, my body was wracked with sore muscles, especially my torso, as if I had done a million crunches and push-ups. My voice was basically gone for a few days from the forceful scream before is came back hoarse and scratchy.

I could easily right this off as an atypical Old Hag experience, if not for the convulsion instead of the opposite flaccid paralysis that is common to it. Later research leads to think it as an OBE/astral travel, as I've read those tend to end abruptly and sometimes violently. The guys over at Mysterious Universe question whether the spirit/soul might have been lured away from my physical body so and distracted so that another might take possession of it. We somewhat affectionately refer to it as my possession, although it still scares the crap out of me. A form of abduction also doesn't seem out of the

I never went back to that part of the national forest. Name Withheld



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