Friday, March 01, 2019

New Evidence - EBE / 'Transport' - David Eckhart

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For many years, you may have read about my work with David Eckhart and the ordeal he has endured during that time.

As I have written recently, David has been 'visited' fairly regularly since the latter part of 2018. This time, most of the 'visitors' are evolved & hybrid humans, as well as a few Reptilian beings among them.

I realize that many people are going to be skeptical. I understand that. The fact that David records using a reflective surface seems odd, but it is a phenomena my team has seen with other experiencers over the years. Many times, direct recording with digital equipment / cellphones results is destruction of the device and video.

In the past weeks, David was able to photograph a 'transport' device in use. This particular device is for personal use by one of the hierarchy; namely an evolved human entity. (pictured below)

The next image was taken a few days ago. There was a lull in activity (for 3 days) at David's home. Then this humanoid entity manifested in David's living room. (pictured below)

It was a sudden appearance, leaving David confused as to why it was there. His description was that the being was wearing a 'helmet' and that the eyes were reflecting light in multiple colors. It stood about 2 1/2 ft. in height.

David is attempting to gather more evidence. I am currently working on another video that I plan to release in the near future. Lon

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