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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Massive Upright Canine / Lycan Encountered in Bessemer, Alabama

I recently received the following account from my associate Charles Henderson in Bessemer, Alabama

"A friend reported this incident to me. His wife, mother-in-law and him were traveling south on Shannon Wenonah Rd going towards Ross Bridge Pkwy in Bessemer, Alabama (a suburb of Birmingham). As they get into that final stretch of road he noticed, what he thought, were 2 tail lights of a car ahead of them about 100 yards. But when they got closer, they realized that these were not tail lights. They were actually red eyeshine from, what looked like, a werewolf / upright canine standing in in the middle of the road. The friend was in the back seat, with his wife driving and mother-in-law in the passenger seat of a Cadillac Escalade SUV.

His wife immediately slows down in order to avoid hitting this thing, and that's when he realizes what he is looking at. He said in his own words, "Chuck, this SOB was huge and it was cut too, like something out of 'Underworld'." Despite the fact that his and mother-in-law were in the front seats, this thing decides to lock eyes with him as they quickly drove past the creature. All this took place around 8:00-8:30 pm that night (summer 2016). Until this day, he won't take the trash outside unless he has his gun with him."

When I called Charles, he added the following information:

He states that when they passed the beast it was crouching on all-fours. It was so massive that the back of the creature was level with the side mirror of the Cadillac Escalade. He estimates that the height was 8-9 feet.

The witnesses' description was that of a very tall upright canine that looked very similar to the Lycans in the 'Underworld' movie series. The large head was like that of a wolf with pointed high-standing ears long snout. The mouth was slightly opened and display long canine teeth on top and bottom. The eyes were a bright red when the automobile lights hit it directly and remain a reddish tint as it looked at the witness. The body was very muscular with a thick chest, narrow waist with long thick legs and large narrow feet. The arms resembled those of a well-built man. There was a thick black mane running from the top of the head and down the back. There were patches of black hair / fur throughout the body and the underlying skin was also black in color. The witness was taken aback when the creature locked eyes on him. This made a profound impression on him.

NOTE: There have been other incidents in the general area. Charles is investigating current reports and will contact me with further information. Lon

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