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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Strange Experiences / Possible Abductions

I recently received the following account:

Hello Lon...Over the past few years, I've had many experiences that I cannot explain.

I've even begun writing about these experiences in my spare time. I haven't gotten very far into my writing as I was more so writing these experiences to keep track of them. I haven't had the time to write them all out, but after the incidents that occurred below, I have had many, many more, including what I think would be considered "repeated abductions" and a UFO sighting on my actual street of residence.

First experience:

The night started and ended as any other on a warm July night. Reading a few chapters and ending the night in meditation. During this time in my life, I was working on a lot of third eye opening techniques. Meditation was my time to reflect on the day and let go of the day’s burdens. After a 30 minute meditation, my mind was open and free. I was ready to rest for the evening. As I lay in bed, I felt restless. Usually after meditation, I drift peacefully into a deep sleep, lucid dreams included. This night was much different. Something was holding back from my usual deep slumber. I laid in bed for hours tossing and turning, desperately trying to fall asleep. As I finally started to almost drift off, I felt something happen. It was as if a flip had been switched to “on”, and in that very moment a force field of blue light entered my room. It felt as if an electric current swept over my entire room and myself. My ears started to ring. I was still awake but my eyes were closed. I could sense an unseen, yet powerful energy consuming the room. I could see an intense blue light pulsating from between my closed eyelids. I felt as if something or someone was standing right over my body and watching me closely. Fear was starting to consume me, but I knew I had to take a look. I quickly jolted upright from my bed to see something so unbelievably beautiful staring right back at me.

It was a large blue glowing figure. The shape of the figure was definitely human, but it had no definable features. It looked as if it were made of flame or gas, but shone vividly almost with a crystalline effect. It was standing right over me, looking directly into my soul. I could somehow feel it peering inside my mind. It was breathtaking. I stared in disbelief for no more than 3-4 seconds as the figure seemingly let me take a good look at it. After those few seconds, it quickly ran out of my room, right through the open bedroom door. It was almost as if it was letting me get a good look at it to see that it was very much real. My jaw was on the floor at this point, with so many questions going through my mind, along with utter disbelief and astonishment. Whatever this being was, it was clearly not of this physical world. The fear instantly subsided when the being left my room. I felt a sense of peace sweep the room, a deep calm. It felt as if everything was as it should be, albeit; simultaneously questioning my sanity. I kept this experience to myself, as I do most things. It was and is way beyond my own comprehension. I know what I had witnessed, and didn’t need to be labeled as “crazy” from others to understand the importance of this event. I’ve tried to this very day to make sense of it, since coming to the conclusion that maybe it isn’t supposed to make sense at all. Some questions do not have answers, and this was to be the first in a long line of questions.

Beginning of the "Voice" and Visions:

Exactly three days after witnessing the being in my room, I was celebrating the Fourth of July at my mother’s house. Food and fun was had and I was ready to retire home for the evening. I told my mother I was ready to leave as I knew it would take her some time to prepare food to send me home with. I was standing in her kitchen looking down at the dining room table where she was sitting when out of nowhere a strong feeling came over me. It was reminiscent of the same electric feeling as I felt when I saw the being in my room. My ears started to ring loudly, consuming my mind. I spaced out from all conversation in the room and in that moment, an image and words appeared in my mind’s eye. The image was a car wreck, and the words were “you’re going to get into a wreck on your way home”. I can’t explain how I heard the words, it was almost as if it was own inner voice telling me that I was doomed. My ears stopped ringing and everything returned to normal. I tried to brush off the thought as just some weird subconscious fear of getting into a car wreck.

My mom packed up my food and I was ready to leave. My boyfriend at the time was with me, and he decided he would be the one to drive us home. Once I got into the car, I immediately felt sick to my stomach. I felt a darkness in the air and a heaviness in my heart. It felt like a foreboding of doom. The image of the wreck kept coming back to me, as I kept fighting it. I was just being paranoid, I thought.

As my boyfriend got onto the highway, the feelings or paranoia started to intensify. I started feeling claustrophobic, I knew it was coming. The clouds in the sky got dark rapidly, a storm was coming. My ears started ringing, again, this time much louder and almost deafening. The rain started pouring down, heavily and violently. I sat there clenching the side of the door as if I was hanging on to my life. This was really going to happen. As I sat there not wanting to insult my boyfriend’s driving skills, I told him I was scared. He told me not to worry, we’d be fine. During this brief exchange, he was in the fast lane, which is the furthest lane to the left. The rain was not letting up, it was only getting more violent. Visibility was gone, windshield wipers did nothing, it was an absolute downpour.

As we were nearing the exit in a few miles and I was getting more and more anxious to make it home safely. I felt it again, the ringing. The same voice was telling me to get out of this lane immediately, it was going to happen now. I told my boyfriend “get over in the other lane, now.” He replied, “We’re fine, relax.” No more than 3 seconds later, my vision finally came to life. I felt the whiplash go through my body as the car was struck from behind. With quick thinking on his part, my boyfriend safely pulled the car to the side of the road to avoid the rest of the oncoming traffic (which was barely visible in the heavy storm). Aside from whiplash and a destroyed car, we were both relatively unharmed.

I can’t help but wonder where the voice came from. I’ve had moments of seeing future events before they’ve taken place, but never an actual voice warning me of such. I first chalked it up to “woman’s intuition,” but when the voice came back, I started to think again. Something had changed inside of myself, I felt more aware. I thought again about the being in my room. I felt as if the two incidents were somehow related. I knew I couldn’t explain it, but I was determined to find out more. - BL


The Small Being

I recently received the following account:

So I’ll start off by saying I’m a 28 year old male. This is about the events, encounters or maybe overactive dreams as a child. I have not found the truth yet. But I have not begun looking until now. This took place starting from my earliest memories until I was 6-7-8 years old. Somewhere around there. I’ll try to paint you a picture of my childhood house layout best I can there was my house and behind that about 60ft of grass and behind that woods. Think of the house as a long rectangle. A long hallway going from the back of the house where the backdoor was to a 4-step staircase. Bedrooms living room kitchen all branches of on sides of the long hallway. At the top of the small staircase was the bathroom on the left and master bed on the right. My room was about 20 feet to the bottom of staircase. So here it goes.

I would would wake up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom, so I would go out of my bedroom walk down the long hallway up the stairs and did what I had to do. On the way out you could see down that hallway to the back door. The backdoor has a window for its top half. I would start to walk down the steps when I froze in my tracks. Looking down that long hallway thru the window on the door I saw the top quarter of a small being who’s head was almost football shaped with a long neck. It was just standing there starring at me. I was frozen and could not move. And then...black. This repeated every night for years. Sometimes I would make it halfway down the hallway before seeing it standing there. And then black. Sometimes it would be standing inside in front of the door. And then black. The nights that I didn’t get up to pee or didn’t want to get out of bed because I knew what would be waiting for me. I would feel something standing behind my bed. Or would wake up with the creature standing next to my bed. And then black. It got to the point where my child mind would try to make these potions in a spray bottle and spray the entire room. Every night in hopes that it would stop them from getting me. I wish I could remember what happened all those times after it went black. I think I need to look into hypnosis maybe. But mainly writing this to see if anyone can relate or experienced similar things so I don’t feel so crazy. I often have what they call sleep paralysis. Every blue moon that comes with a different more gray alien being standing over me. This is my story maybe some input or someone who can relate can help guide me from here. Thanks for reading. - SN


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