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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Upright 'White Monster' Encountered in Rural Missouri

I recently came across the following account:

I just went to my high school reunion and chatted with my old neighbor and best friend Ash. She said 'do you remember that pig-faced monster we saw?' I looked at her with shock as the horrible memory flooded back. I must have been so terrified I blocked it out but. Oh yes...I remember.

We used to live on a secluded dirt road, well, in the middle of a 40 acre plot away from the road. Our property joined a huge state park at the back, 25 miles from the nearest town in Missouri. We were about 13, so around 2003.

We were babysitting our younger siblings so it was us and 4 younger ones. Our parents were out for the night. Obviously we were no strangers to the woods. We knew the whole property well and would even walk the 2 miles between our houses. Free range kids.

So it's way past dark, but we have a pole light by the house. It's summer so it feels great outside. We were all playing tag or hide and seek, running around. I ran around the corner of my house and I saw something white, like a flash, run behind the propane tank, then the wellhouse. Our backyard was clear beside the small wellhouse and propane tank, the woods are probably 150 yards away, so not alot of places for an animal to hide. Ash saw it too. The kids are still playing and we thought it was a stray dog, even though this thing was crazy fast, way faster than a dog. Up until that point we had no reason to fear anything in the woods, we don't have large predators. So we're like 'oh poor dog...let's check it out.' We sprint over around the wellhouse and see a crouched white thing. I remember it's hands were long fingered HANDS. It was matted and dirty, smelled like death and sh*t. My mind couldn't quite even comprehend it's face but it had like a long kinda upturned nose and no hair on its face...like a snarling dog pig. I don't really remember the eyes but I think they were black and yellow, all I know is they looked evil and inspired fear I hadn't known.

At that moment we screamed and ran, and the thing dashed off into the woods as I looked over my shoulder. The kids hear us scream and know something is wrong. We scream at them to get in the house and we lock the doors. I couldn't keep my eyes off the back windows, like I didn't want to see it but I had kids to protect so I felt like I needed to know if it was there. We were just scared, pumped with adrenaline and couldn't even speak about it. We got the kids calmed down and to bed finally, and I talked with Ash and she saw the same thing I did. My parents got home and we broke down freaking out, crying, pointing at the wellhouse. My step-dad even went out there with a gun we were so adamant. They told us it was probably a feral hog and we were just tired or something. We didn't tell anyone at school and never brought it up again.

After the reunion I ask my brother who is six years younger than me so he was about 7, if he remembered that night we saw a monster at mom's old house. He said no and I started talking about how I forgot about it until Ash brought it up and about how we saw something run behind the wellhouse. He interrupts me and asks 'was it white?' I say 'yeah', he asks 'did it have a face like a weird dog?' I nod. His eyes get big and he basically starts yelling 'Omg, I saw that thing down the road from there a few years ago!' And freaking out, visible goosebumps on his arms.

He says he was driving the dirt road with his girlfriend at the time, hauling ass like always but on the really rocky patches he would hit the brakes and drive slow over the rocks. He saw something in his headlights standing about ten feet from the ditch, so still he thought someone put a weird statue out there, but it's eyes followed him and its face was sweaty. It was white but muddy, had a dog face and long fingered hands, and stood on two legs at least 6 feet tall. It's eyes followed him as he passed it and he looked in the rear view mirror and saw it dash away into the trees. He asked his girlfriend if she saw it and she just nodded. They never spoke of it again and he never told anybody. He said he kinda blocked it out until I brought up the monster at moms.

I did stop playing in the woods after that day in 03, started doing sports and teenager things. Ash stopped walking to my house and we grew apart. Now my brother and I are creeped out as hell. I need to call my mom. - IGTF

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