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Friday, December 28, 2018

Personal UFO Accounts

The Phoenix Lights

March 13, 1997 – Phoenix, Arizona, USA “I recall the night very clearly with the incident of the "Phoenix Lights" and I promise you there were no flares in the sky or anything other military activities as they claimed. I was headed into Scottsdale on Indian School Road that evening when I was driving for an outfit out of Cedar Rapids called West Side Transport and that's all the truckers were discussing on the CB radios in the rigs. I ended up shutting down that night at the truck stop near the I-8 & I-10 split and that's all we talked about all night until damn near the sun came up. Me & several other drivers saw & described the very same object and it had nothing to do with any military aircraft belonging to any of our armed forces. This thing was massive in size and it never made a sound. When we saw that shameful display the AZ governor aired on local television there in the truck stop, I can tell you there were some seriously irate people in the Phoenix/Tempe area. That craft was NOT from this world!” - Bo Hector


Looked Like a Giant Building in the Sky

April 10, 2018 - northeast Florida, USA “I saw something I wish someone could tell me what they think it was or that they have seen this too! All the testimonies I've seen or heard I've never heard one shaped like the one I saw in April around 10 in the morning in 2018. Here's mine, I live in northeast Florida, a big military town. It was a crisp blue day, not a cloud in the sky. The sun was coming up over my back I was looking west. I heard a hawk squawk and I looked up at it and I thought a smaller bird was fighting it over food or something but then the hawk flew a little to the right and I fully expected to see the smaller bird but instead I saw a HUGE rectangle object up in lower outer space. I stared at it in disbelief. It had three bright lights at the bottom of the object that turned on intermittently. The object was so high up that it was faint but if you were looking at it, you could see it very well after the lights would turn on and after the third light came on. The object was as big as a building - a very LARGE BUILDING and it looked like the front part of it was a giant window but when the lights went off, the whole object became completely invisible. I keep staring at it for about fifteen minutes. I didn't want to lose it and it was just floating there like it was watching the earth. The lights would come back on intermittently and you could see the whole thing again. At one point a military plane flying so high up that it was the size of an explanation mark and it flew over the right lower part of this object and that's when I could see just how HUGE this object was and that it was much higher up than the military plane. I thought the sun would reflect off it but it didn't. It completely unnerved me. I felt liked it was WATCHING us and it just floating. It was clearly a rectangle in shape so it was NOT the space station. I have seen the space station and this was not it. I couldn't believe something so HUGE could even be up in the sky. it really was like seeing a building floating in the sky. I stared at it till my eyes hurt and when I looked away for one second to rub my eyes I couldn't find it again.” - BW


Lights Over the Road

“One night I was coming from my brother's house and I was driving along and I seen some lights coming from the edge of the woods so I slowed down to see what was going on and I seen three or four lights shining back and forth on the ground just like you see in the movies and as I slowed down the lights turned off and I saw just one red light rising up into the sky. It stopped about a hundred feet over the other trees then it begins to slowly move over the trees, and I was hoping it was going to go over the road in was going down so I begin to follow it and sure enough it went over the road I was going down so I timed it just right and I got there just as it did. So I stopped the truck and turned it off to see if I could hear it make any noise, but there was no sound whatsoever but I seen the red light keep going until it was out of sight. This is my true story not fake.” - Darrin Shellhouse


Object Over Camp Edwards

“Up until the 1970’s Cap Edwards was a big army base, but much of the base is off limits due to unexploded ordnance. I’ve worked there for a few years myself, and it took me a while to get used to to nearly total silence there is at night there. I can think of one particular experience where at just before noon on a warm day, in broad daylight, up in the clear sky over the flight line, there was something the size and shape of a softball seeming to float on the updrafts fluttering in the wind. Maybe three or four hundred feet in the air, to my eyes it looked like a fishing bobber, white one second then red the next as it swayed back and forth apparently spinning. Strangely, the object stayed roughly in place for a long time, like fifteen minutes. Who knows, maybe it was there much longer. It could have been garbage or something, but we are very careful about leaving any kind of garbage around the flight line, and something like that could be reason enough not to fly because of the threat it could pose to an aircraft. I pointed it out to my buddy, and he called it a UFO and we both watched for a moment before returning to work. There are also many interesting rumors about abandoned bunkers related to JFK and the old missile program there. Just thought I’d share.” - Daniel Sawyer

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