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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Texas Hill Country Bigfoot

I recently received a telephone call from a witness 'JR' who described the Bigfoot activity occurring on his family ranch along the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country. JR stated that much of the information documented in the book Sasquatch Tool Use was obtained from this particular ranch.

For the past decade, JR and his father have experienced numerous encounters with the various Bigfoot that inhabit the general area. Some of the individuals are described as follows:

There is one particular male Bigfoot who has been seen many times. JR states that it stands 7-7 1/2 ft. with a conical head and is somewhat lanky in stature. It's hair is long and scraggly, very dark in color, red eyes and has a terrible odor. It's obvious that this individual is quite old, and moves slowly as compared to other Bigfoot in the tribe. Most times it is seen crouching along the edge of the woods and Cypress stands.

There is a large powerful male in the group that is covered auburn-red colored hair. This individual is rarely seen and is quite stealthy. The height is estimated to be around 8 ft., with broad muscular shoulders with no visible neck. On one occasion, it was seen in early evening while screaming and communicating with another Bigfoot from the opposite side of the ranch. JR described the scream as similar to a human woman screaming, with intermittent deep grunts. The sound of the answering Bigfoot were long low-pitched bellows.

JR talked about an incident where he and and his father were driving on the ranch, approaching one of the flock of sheep that they raise. They noticed a large dark colored Bigfoot (unsure of the sex) that was sitting in the middle of the flock. This individual was cradling and petting one the sheep. The flock did not seem alarmed by its presence, and seemed quite content. JR stated that he has only seen this on one occasion and that they have never found evidence that any of their sheep have be taken or killed by Bigfoot. There are other predators (big cats) in the area that have killed and left remains.

A white-coated female Bigfoot, they believe to have congenital and mental deformities, was seen a few times (but not for several years). This individual was approximately 5 1/2 ft. in height and moved about in a strange and erratic manner. JR believes that there has been inter-breeding among this particular group. Over the years he has noticed a few smaller juvenile...usually moving on all-fours.

JR provided several other images from cellphone and trail cam captures...a few are posted below. I will stay in touch with JR, who has promised to forward further evidence when obtained. Lon

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