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Friday, December 21, 2018

Archive: Black-Eyed Kids...'Smiling, Laughing, Dancing'

I got a bit behind today, so I'm offering an archived post:

Mary in Utah e-mailed Dave Schrader about a very weird sighting she had with her mother:

“I have a black eyed kids story that is not normal if these things ever can be normal. I've held onto it and hardly told anyone partly because it's just so dang weird. And part of why I don't tell anybody is because it sounds so silly.

The year was 2005. I was in my mid-twenties. My mother and I took a girl's trip to Orlando to do all the usual touristy things. We had completed a fun night at one of the entertainment districts and we were thoroughly tired, we were heading back to the parking garage. It was the middle of the night, not very busy and we had taken our time to sit on a bench and soak up the atmosphere as people left. There were no other people in sight. There were several moving walkways to get to the parking garage, you know, kind of like the airports have. Right as we approached a walkway, a couple of children came walking speedily thoroughly in tandem right up behind us. I mean right up behind us! Not quite touching but very close. It was instantly confusing because it was too late for kids to be out alone. The earliest it could have been was 11 pm if not 1 or 2 am. At first I thought they might need help which is why they were heading right for us. My mom is a schoolteacher and seems to attract children like a lighthouse anyway, so why wouldn't they head over for her? I'm used to being in public and having our plans derailed by random distressed children running to her like heat seeking missles. But then, these two particular kids didn't say anything. They seemed happy and laughing with each other. Did I mention they were fast and very very close? They were too close to get a really good look at and I could only see the tops of their heads.

We got on the walkway and they got on behind us. Again, right behind us. We scooted to one side to let them by and they seemed happy where they were. But it was a super uncomfortable feeling. Have you ever gotten an icy, cold, sick feeling when you can tell the tone of someone's voice that you are about to get really bad news? That feeling where your knees are weak and your body demands that you sit down and your stomach feels like lead? Well that was the feeling I had. Being a schoolteacher and not afraid to tell kids what to do, my mom kind of snapped her fingers at the child, face level and motioned for them to go but it was like they didn't even see her. She even leaned down a little over their heads and gave a teacherly 'Go on!' She looked at me and shook her head, baffled. They kept right on looking and laughing airy laughs. We kept inching away and they didn't really seem to inch but they would still be right there again. Now for some reason I just couldn't actively turn my back to walk away from these two and my mom seemed to be in the same boat. My mom stood sideways with her back to the railing. I managed to stagger me and my mom so that I was far enough away to look at them better. Sorry mom, I literally used you as a human shield. They looked like carbon copies of each other with one just a little older. I'd guess maybe ages 6 and 8. Very average looking, lean but healthy. Nondescript, very clean clothes, matching sneakers, khaki-like pants, plain T-shirts of the same color. Their mouths were stained blue from a candy or a blue drink. Or did they get into some Jello shooters somehow? Short blonde hair and black eyes! Solid black eyes! No whites! Their eyes looked extra wet and shiny, like pools of oil. They kept looking at each other and laughing, airy, high. They would kind of move their heads like they were talking and understood each other.

My mom and I got off the walkway and I kind of held her arm and guided her off to the side by a planter. I walked backward for a bit. I even pulled out my phone and acted like I was gonna make a call or something, anything to get away from these super creepy kids. Again I just couldn't bring myself to keep walking with my back turned to them. The kids stood off aways and kept staring at each other and continued their laughing conversation. Then they started moving their hands like people do when they talk. Not sign language. More like conversational hand motions. What is up with those kids? They aren't normal, my mom shuddered and rubbed her arms. I don't know but I wish they'd go away, I quietly said. 'Ah, for hell's sake, this is ridiculous,' my mom fumed as she she headed for the next walkway. I wanted to stay put until they left but she was off and at least on the walkway we could get closer to the car without turning our backs. The kids got on behind us, again. And again, much much too close. My mom rolled her eyes but we stood with our backs to the rails facing each other. My mom kept her chin up. She was not going to give these little pranksters whatever satisfaction they wanted. But I kept looking at the little buggers just face-on and keeping my expression as boring as possible but they didn't look at us. Something told me that I shouldn't ask them anything like if I did that, then they would start looking at us.

Then something really weird happened. The smaller one started dancing. Yes, dancing. Very gracefully and very adult moves. He was so coordinated, his mouth was smiling and staying open. His tongue was stained blue and little sharp teeth. His black eyes glittered. I felt like throwing up again. Then the tall one relaxed into a lean with one arm on the rail. He smiled a wide smile and nodded approvingly. He had a sincere look of admiration on his face for the little one's moves. The whole posture looked very adult. Then he just as gracefully as the smaller one, hoisted himself to balance himself one the railway. He was on my mom's side. And when she scooted over because she couldn't take it, he lifted himself onto the hands and scooted his bum closer to her. Again, neither of them looked at us. Not even once. At the end of that walkway, my mom and I got off and we seemed to make a silent pact to just make it to the car. We booked it. Just a few steps off the walkway, the kids were gone. Nowhere to be seen but I felt like I could still hear the laughing and we kept going for the car. Once we were all locked in my mom was deluge of 'I never seen such creepy kids in my life, were they drunk? How could they be drunk? How were they out this late? What were they and why do I feel so sick? She had taught elementary school half her life and seen just about every kind of kid and that's saying something. Every once in awhile we talk about it but it ends pretty quickly. 'Remember those kids?' is all one of us has to say about what we're talking about.”

Source: Darkness Radio – February 22, 2016

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