Thursday, December 27, 2018

Weird Experiences & Sightings

'Talking Elephant' Vending Machine

Hi, I had a weird experience a few years ago. The mall was mainly closed as it was 11 pm, and my friend and I were leaving to go home. Most of the stores had metal blinds on them and one particular store had the vending machines outside the blinds. They were switched off. One of the machines was a large elephant, in a class case which said 'Hello' as you put in a coin for the gum.

As we walked past, The elephant moved in the machine and said 'Hello Ruth' (my name) We were both startled and laughed, thinking we hadn't heard correctly. We stood in front of the machine and the elephant jiggle back and forth and said,'Ruth I love you'. This made us laugh and say, come on out whoever you are. But as we looked closely, we saw that the machine was unplugged and there was nowhere that anybody could hide. We were totally freaked out and got the heck out of there fast! (we were not children but both married women).

We went to the store the next day to check out the machine and it was gone. I asked where the machine was and was told it was broken and had been removed. A silly incident that makes no sense whatsoever, And if I had been alone I would have thought I was crazy. But my friend heard it too, and we sometimes talk about it and have a nervous laugh. - RS


Glowing White Entity

“I just want you to know that ghosts are real. I saw what I believed to be a ghost, when I was about 9 years old. Only the figure I saw was all white, and kind of glowing. It was also about 7 feet tall and very thin. It was crossing a bridge that goes over a creek. I was playing in the creek with a friend, and we both saw it. We thought it looked odd, so we ran up the dirt road to the road where the figure was walking. The figure had crossed the bridge, and we were all heading in the same direction. For just a moment, the leaves from a tree blocked my view of the figure. We got to the road, and the figure was gone. The figure did not have time to go anywhere else. We were scared, and we ran to my house. My mother took my friend home, because she was too scared to walk home. The valley, where I lived, was an ancient Indian burial ground. I had always thought of what we had seen (after I got over my fright of it) as the spirit of an Indian from long ago.” - Faye Brown


Constant Malevolent Entity Nightmare

I've had experiences my whole life with "ghosts" or whatever you want to call them. But I recently moved into a house that's pretty old. I normally have more experiences in apartments. Almost every night I've had this horrible dream where some unseen force paralyzes me, levitates me off the bed, and begins dragging me towards the dark space beneath my dresser. I feel a sheer panic unlike anything I've ever known during this dream. With every ounce of will and energy I'm able to cry out loud enough for my roommate to hear me and wake me up. But even more strange, it's like I'm already awake. I know my roommate is there. I can see him, feel him shaking me. Once an entity was sitting on my chest, it took on the form if a typical "spirit", see through and misty-like. Only it was black. Roommate came into my room and began shaking me. I could see him, his hand and arm were reaching through the entity, and this thing gave me the most malice smile. Like it wanted me to know that I wasn't really asleep and it had all the power. As of late I've been wearing my headphones with rain sounds or white noise when I go to bed. It was working until I said out loud in the house "I haven't had any more of those nightmares with these on". Then it all started up again. So far I've been woken up before it gets me under the dresser. I'm looking to move before it does.” - Dark Skies Smile


I Saw Santa Claus

“On Christmas Eve when I was about 5 I saw what I can only describe as Santa Claus in my living room. I know this sounds ridiculous and as a 20 year old now I can’t help but think I must have been dreaming or something but after listening to the video where you talk about Easter Bunny sightings I remembered waking up in the middle of the night to pee and walking out of my room towards the bathroom. When I passed by the living room I looked over at my Christmas tree and saw the silhouette of a man about 5’10” tall and fairly chubby looking. He had his back to me and was facing the Christmas tree looking down. I remember not even being alarmed and for some reason assumed it was my grandpa since he fits that description. I don’t have any explanation as to why I assumed it was my grandpa since we had been at their house that afternoon for Christmas dinner. I remember wanting to call out to him and ask what he was doing but I never did. When I walked back to my room from the bathroom he was gone.” - Jake Freeman

Beyond Creepy



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