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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Sasquatch: 'Peaceful Being' Encountered

I recently came across the following account. Frankly, some of the story is difficult to believe, but I'm going to present it anyway for your opinion:

It happened to me on August 28, 1991. I was 33 years old at that time. My brother Jeremiah and I decided to go hunting to the Jackson Demonstration State Forest in California. It was really difficult to actually hunt something as the area was extremely thick with lots of young growth. Two hours had passed since we got there and we only had four rabbits in our hunt, but we decided to stay one more hour just to make it worth our while.

When we finally agreed that it was time to go, we heard something coming from behind us, it was a loud scream but not a human scream, no, it was more like an animal scream. But it didn't sound as the scream from any animal we've heard before, so we decided to go back and look for the source of those screams. As we approached the site, we've noticed that there was nothing there, we started searching the area. But as we were doing that, I felt the presence of someone, and I instantly felt observed. I turned around looking for someone or something, and found something in the distance, hiding behind some trees. I didn't actually call my brother because I thought it was nothing. But when I almost reached the trees I saw a very hairy man running across. I grabbed my .22 (yeah, I know it was a very bad choice for hunting that day. I was used to thin cover at that time) and followed the giant footprints left behind by the hairy man. After some three minutes of following, I finally caught him. He was like 30 feet away from me. I hid as best as I could and he didn't see me, but he certainly heard me cause he looked around and started making some weird noises, as if he was trying to communicate. I wasn't sure if I should step away from my hiding spot and make contact with this beast. But I finally decided to do so. I stood up and pointed my rifle towards him, slowly approaching until I was just 15 feet away. Looking at him, I noticed he was like 8 to 9 feet tall, he had a reddish hair that was covering him almost completely. Just part of his face and hands had no hair. I also noticed he had some white hairs in his torso. He just looked at me and stood there, making weird noises. But suddenly he mouthed the words "no danger" very slowly, almost unintelligible and pointed at himself.

I lowered my gun. The nervous expression on his face had disappeared and he started walking deep into the forest. I turned around and started looking for my brother, still shocked. When I found him he was very worried. I told him what happened and he told me that he saw one too, a female sasquatch with her baby in hands. I'm not so sure but it was very possible that the Sasquatch I found was the mate of the one my brother found, and the little baby Sasquatch was their brood. When we were getting our way back to the road I looked back and I'm almost certain I saw him in the distance, observing us as were leaving. We never talked about this to anyone, but my brother contacted me recently with another story of Sasquatch that I may share with you some other time. Here are some things about the Sasquatch I encountered that I remember:

-He had reddish hair and white hairs in his torso.
-Had a deep voice but was capable of screaming very high.
-His footprints were like 18 inches long and 9 or 10 inches wide.
-He also had very big hands but looked very similar to those of a human, just more hairy.
-He had hair in his face that formed some kind of beard, and he also had some hair in his forehead but his skin was more or less light colored.
-Wide nose, wide lips, he looked like a hybrid human/ape. Almost like a Homo Erectus or a Neanderthal.
-He looked very muscular.
-He could not stand completely straight long.
-He had a a somewhat clumsy way of walking but he certainly ran pretty fast.
-He had some kind of...language that was reminiscent of human languages.
-From what I heard him say I think he knew some words of english language.
-He was a peaceful being. - D

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