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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Eyewitness: Bizarre Coyote Shapeshifts Into Human Man

I recently came across the following account:

My boyfriend and I were driving home after a date near Silverton, Colorado. I don't remember exactly where we were but this was about a year ago.

We were driving along a back road. No street light. Just a one lane road with a cornfield to the left and tall grass to the right. It was late and it was completely pitch dark out and we could only see as far as our headlights would let us. My boyfriend was driving and I was in the front passenger seat on my phone. He was singing along to the radio when all the sudden he stops. I look at him and his eyes go huge as he slams on the break. I drop my phone and I slam my hand on the dashboard to brace myself (which wasn't the best idea) hurting my wrist. I yelped and clutched my wrist. But when I looked up, my throbbing wrist left my mind and fear replaced the pain. We did not brake to a complete stop so we were still at least rolling. A coyote had stepped out of the grass on the right and was walking right in front of our truck.

I've studied wildlife in college, so I know my stuff. This coyote was wrong. It sent chills up my back. It was large. Almost wolf-sized but obviously a coyote, identified but its coloration and features. The strange thing was that it was stiff. At first I thought that the animal was injured but after a second I realized that it almost looked like its skin was tight and it couldn't move as well. Like someone was wearing a coat that was too small for them. The legs were strangely long and lanky and seemed almost to glide with small shudders in each step.

As it crossed our truck it stopped and turned its head to look at us. Its eyes were empty and human-like. It stared at us for what seemed like hours but really it was just seconds. It continued to the cornfield on the other side of the road. Right before it walked into the field, it stopped. Then in a flash it ran in to the field.

Now I wouldn't have thought anything of the encounter until what happened next.

From the same spot the coyote walked in, a split second later a naked human man walked out. At that point my boyfriend floored it. I was just screaming "what was that?!?!" It took 10 minutes of me screaming at him for my boyfriend to tell me, and all he said was "skinwalker."

He refused to talk about it and it's still difficult for me to comprehend. I know this seems crazy. NR

NOTE: The witness came back with a general location, but has not offered further details. I do believe that this account has been posted to several threads over recent days. Very difficult to determine what actually occurred...so I'm posting 'as is.' Lon

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