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Friday, November 16, 2018

Possible Bigfoot Encounter in PA. State Game Land 229

I recently came across the following account:

I've only shared this experience with a few people in the years since it happened.

It was the first Tuesday of the Pennsylvania deer (rifle) season. December 3rd 2013. I've always been an avid hunter and I would wake up very early in the morning to get into the woods before daylight. I would be in the woods at 4:30 in the morning. Having to hunt on State Game Lands, meant beating other people into the woods to get a decent spot. When I got to the parking area around 4:15am, no one else was there. So I walked into the woods, not using a flashlight, only walking by moonlight. I walked through a field into the tree line and started on the path to my spot.

I came to the intersection in the path, one way went left and down the mountain, other way went right. I went right, because my spot was on the other side. Roughly 50 yards after making the right hand turn, I smelled what I could only describe as hot garbage. It hit me in the face. Like I mean hot dumpster juice in the middle of August. So I stopped dead, turned on my flashlight expecting to see piles of garbage. Nothing. No garbage, nothing dead. Just hot garbage smell. Keep in mind this is in December, it's cold out. High 20s to low 30s. So even if there was garbage, it shouldn't smell that bad.

So I kinda thought nothing of it. I followed the path to my spot, which was down over the ridge from the garbage smell. Roughly maybe 40 feet down, that leads into a grass field where I would sit. I set up my seat, get settled in for about 2 minutes. That's when the rocks started coming down the ridge.

First rock, startled me, causing me to turn on my light again, scanning the field hoping to see eye reflection of a deer but nothing was there. I sat back down. Another rock comes down the ridge. This time I stand up go out into the grass field with flashlight and the pistol (my rifle was a 444. Marlin) that I carry while hunting. Scanned again, nothing, purposely waited in the field for about 5 minutes.

Now I'm getting angry, assuming another hunter is messing with me because I'm in "their" spot. I sit down again. The 3rd rock, sounding larger than the others, comes tumbling down the ridge. I don't get up this time. Not 2 minutes after that, another rock, not tumbled but sounded as though it was thrown off the ridge and landed in the field. Now f**k it, I'm pissed. I gathered up my gear, and started back up the trail to the ridge. I get on top of the ridge, scanning with my light the whole time, nothing, no eyes, no other hunter.

I get to the spot where I smelled the hot garbage. Nothing. The smell is gone. Finally it clicked in my head. It may not have even been another person. Possibly something else. I've heard other stories of people's Bigfoot experiences, a lot of which remark about how bad they smell. I all but ran out of the woods. And to top it all off, no other vehicles were in the parking area when I got out of the woods.

This took place in Pennsylvania State Game Lands 229, outside of Tremont in Schuylkill County. I later come to find out that a coworker of mine, had actually seen a bipedal cross in front of his car within 2 miles of location of my experience.

So maybe they're real. I don't know. But I definitely had an experience that I won't forget. SW

NOTE: the location was posted as 40°24'12"N, 76°10'26"E. Here is the Facebook page for PA. State Game Land 229. Lon

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