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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Bizarre Tentacled Being Observed Near Grand Junction, CO

I recently ran across the following bizarre account posted by Reddit user horrorbxtch about a week ago:

This happened the summer of 2016. I was staying at my grandparent's house for a few weeks in the summer while my mom was on vacation. They live near Grand Junction, CO. Their house is by a large river and the whole area has a ton of trees/plant life/animals. I was letting my dog out one night. There's hardly any lights around their property so I grabbed a flashlight. My dog is outside for maybe a minute before I hear her start viciously growling and barking like I've never heard before. She's growled/barked at animals or people outside before but this was more aggressive than I'd ever heard her. I start making my way over to my dog to investigate. I make it about halfway to my dog and I freeze dead in my tracks. I'm pointing my flashlight in the direction she's facing, and I see the most unsettling thing I've ever seen. At first I think I'm just imagining it or tripping out but there was no denying it was clear as day.

It was about 3-4 feet tall, a rectangular figure, but with rounded edges. Imagine like a 4 foot tall Twinkie lol. It was this gross translucent tan/flesh color. Like the color of a naked mole rat. There was no apparent face, or limbs. All I saw was a bunch of tentacle/leg looking things protruding all down the front and side of it's body. The way it was moving was creepy. At first it was sort of gently rocking side to side, and then I swear it started taunting my dog like running from one spot to another to mess with her. At this point I got too scared it would do something to my dog so I ran to her, snatched her up, and booked it inside and locked the door. When I peeked back outside the thing was gone. I don't think anything has ever disturbed me that much in real life before. My body wouldn't stop shaking for probably 25 mins after I got inside.

The most f**ked up part is the next day I told my aunt I saw a "weird alien bug-looking creature" outside the night before. She then said "I've seen some weird sh*t out there," and proceeded to explain seeing the exact same thing I saw. Same color, shape, lots of tentacle/centipede looking appendages, and the icing on the cake for me was when she said it kept rocking from side to side. I said "you're kidding me. That's exactly what I saw last night." We both got chills and flipped out because it confirmed it wasn't our imagination.

After receiving several questions, the following information was posted:

My aunt said she saw it on my grandparent's property while she was outside at night too. (They have a pretty large property. A large house, two smaller guest houses on the property, a large garden, and a barn where they have chickens.) She said her encounter was about a week prior to mine. She saw it right outside one of the guest houses, and I saw it near the garden. Unfortunately my grandparents live about 4-5 hours away from me, but the next time I visit I'm sure as Hell going alien hunting lol


Both grandparents are alive and well. They live in the large house on their property. My aunt lives with them but she stays in one of the smaller guest houses. (My grandparents are sick of supporting her for many reasons but allow her to stay there for the sake of her two young kids). I've never asked my grandparents if they've seen anything out of the ordinary, but now I want to. I have a feeling my grandpa would have some good stories. They have quite a few neighbors but the properties over there are pretty big so you'd have to drive down the road for a minute to reach their homes. (There's a lot of farm land/fruit orchards on the properties around there.) It's interesting though because I've heard there's a lot of UFO sightings in Grand Junction/the border going into Utah.

After reading the post and follow-up, I believe that these posts were sincere. Very interesting. Lon

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