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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Phantom Hotel

Carol in Minneapolis called in to tell of a weird experience she had:

“Several years back, this experience took place in Tucumcari, New Mexico. My mother, my best friend and I were headed down to Arizona from Minnesota to go to my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and we have happened to be going through Tucumcari, New Mexico. It was very late at night. We were tired and we decided to settle in. We found a hotel. Most of the hotels we saw were no vacancies. We happened to see this hotel. It was a little bit run down but it had a vacancy sign and we decided we were going to stop so we did. We did stop and we walked in. A woman dressed in a long black dress similar to Morticia on the 'The Addams Family' came up to the counter. She said that she had a room and so we paid for the room. It cost us 45 dollars for the room which we thought was strange but we were willing to pay the fee and go to sleep.

So we went to the room. Got inside. We realized the door was locked on the outside door, so we pushed. There was an older dresser. Everything in the room was very old. We pushed an older dresser up against the door to lock it out. Then we all showered and decided we'd go to sleep. There were two rooms. There was a front room and there was a little back bedroom. And then a bathroom off to the side. All of the rooms had those wrought iron beds in them. And when we sat down in the room in the back, there was an old black and white TV with rabbit ears on top. And we sat down on the bed and all of a sudden the bed started to jump when we were sitting on it. So we got off and we're trying to figure out what was going on. It actually came up off the ground. It wasn't very far but we could feel it. And then the rabbit ears started moving on top of the TV and we heard some snoring. It sounded like it was right there in the bedroom. And we kept thinking, well, there's no room next to us, so what's going on here?

My mother, being the silly woman that she is, thought that the woman was trying to push us out of the room and so she started digging around trying to find wires, under the bed and around everywhere but we couldn't find anything. This happened around 10 to 15 minutes, then all of a sudden this terrible smell like a dead animal just filled the room. So we got out of the room, into the other room and we sat at the bed there and we jumped on it and we did everything we could and nothing happened. We went back to the other room and there was no more jumping but yet the smell was pretty bad. So we finally decided we were not going to be able to sleep there that night and we left. Well, the strange part was we went on down to Arizona. We went to the 50th anniversary and then we came back the same direction. We decided we were going to check the hotel during the day so we drove over to the area where the hotel was and all there was was an empty lot. But there was a gas station next to where the hotel had been.

So we walk in and we were talking to the guy inside and we said, 'What happened to the hotel that was there? We know it was there just like two days ago?' He goes, 'Oh, no. There hasn't been a hotel there for 25 years.' And we said, 'No. No. No. There had to be a hotel there because we were gonna sleep in it but we couldn't because of these strange events that happened to us while we were in there.' And he goes, 'Oh, a lot of people say that but that hotel hasn't been there for 25 years. It burned down and a guy was burnt in one of the rooms so that's why it got, you know, bulldozed.' And I was like, 'Well, that doesn't make any sense because we were actually in it.'

And so, to this day, we know that we were actually in this hotel and we had these really strange kind of things going on. But the hotel was totally gone when we went by there three days later. The other thing I wanted to tell you was that. I'm a doctor of psychology. I'm a psychologist and I was teaching some college courses in psychology and I happened to teach in Monona, an Indian college there and I was relaying my experience in relation to extra sensory perception and different things we can't explain and when I got done with one my classes, one of the semesters, this young man walked up to me and he said, 'Doctor Carol,' he said, 'I just want to tell you that, and this may sound strange, but when you were relating your experience I was sitting thinking, Oh my god, that's exactly what our uncle had told us about an experience he had when he was down in Tucumcari, New Mexico, he stayed at a place that totally wasn't there. And we used to think he was a little bit on the quacky side so we didn't believe him. He said, 'Now I can believe that he might have actually had that experience.' He said, 'I have the utmost respect for you and I really believe you.' And to this day, I have people who think that we're a little daft when we try and tell them the story but I lived it. I know that it happened. To this day I realize that there are extra probably levels of time and for some reason we got warped into that night and according to that guy it was like around the anniversary of when that hotel burned down or whatever happened.

Source: Darkness Radio – July 13, 2016

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