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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Reality Shift on Christmas Night

“I've had a weird time-loop distortion of reality happen to me while driving. It was Christmas night 2016 and I was headed back home around 9 PM. To get home, I have to take this back road through the country side to get up into the foothills of the Sierras where I live. I had a strange feeling come over me, but I shrugged it off as just me being scared since I have had many UFO encounters in the past.

The road was pretty desolate. I remember on the wide blind turn I passed an oncoming car, then continued on for about a mile and a half up towards the traffic light at the college. As soon as I climbed the slight hill up to the straight away where the traffic light is in view, I instantly noticed that the light wasn’t there like normal. Then, in an instant, I ended up back on the road right before the wide blind turn a mile back from where I had just already driven. This time no car passed by me as I went through the turn and the clock minutes never changed just kept ticking forward. As far as I know I experienced no missing time throughout the whole event. When I ended up back on the road where I had just driven all over again I felt as if I was just thrown into the car. I felt strange and my body felt different, as if I had had an out-of-body experience, and my legs shook uncontrollably. I could barely operate the peddles. I was very scared because I've never had anything like that happen to me before...especially on a desolate road at night.

The only thing I can think is that I ended up in some temporary time-loop or I was abducted with no missing time and they put me back on the road a mile and a half earlier, then me driving the same stretch of road twice. But I cant figure out why the traffic light wasn’t there when it should have been nor why it was the trigger to put me backwards on the road. The second time the light was there as normal when I drove back up the hill, but so far I have no clue why or how that happened. This occurred on Christmas night 2016 in northern California."

Source: Youtube comments, Lynda

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