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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Weekend 2 Cents: Remembering the Kecksburg UFO Incident -- 'Big John'...A Christmas Story (Well...kinda)

52 Years Later, the Kecksburg, PA UFO Incident Is Still Remembered By Many

By Stan Gordon - December 9, 1965, is a date that many area residents still remember. It was on that afternoon just as it was getting dark in the area that multitudes of witnesses observed a brilliant fiery object in the sky. Soon after the object passed over the greater Pittsburgh area, radio and TV stations were breaking the news of the sighting of the mysterious object in the sky. Information was later reported that the object had fallen into a wooded area near the Mount Pleasant Township community of Kecksburg in Westmoreland County.

During the evening, hundreds of curious people found their way to the rural roads around Kecksburg to try to see the object that had reportedly fallen. Many reporters from area newspapers, radio and TV also went to Kecksburg to determine what had occurred. The reporters, local residents, and the many curiosity seekers that arrived in the area, were met at the scene by state police, volunteer firemen, and the military.

That evening roads around the reported landing site were cordoned off, and the woods where the object was said to have fallen, were off limits to those who wanted to try to get closer look. What wasn’t known at the time was that some people had gone down into the woods soon after the object fell and discovered the metallic acorn shaped object with odd symbols on it, semi-buried in the ground.

Many people in that area did see a military flatbed tractor trailer truck carrying an object covered with a tarp leave the area late that night at a high rate of speed. I learned years later from independent sources that the object was taken initially to Lockbourne Air Force Base near Columbus, Ohio. After a short stayover, the truck and its cargo continued onto Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Read more at 52 Years Later, the Kecksburg, PA UFO Incident Is Still Remembered By Many


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'Big John'...A Christmas Story (Well...kinda)

The following account is a bit of a holiday tradition here at Phantoms & Monsters. I hope you enjoy:

This strange narrative is a holiday season tradition on 'Phantoms & Monsters'. In fact, many of my regular readers have told me that it is their all-time favorite post.

This story was forwarded to me in 1998. I was told that it is a true tale despite the bizarre details. Even though it is holiday related, I had some reservations since there is a combination of death and Christmas. Nonetheless...I receive many requests by other bloggers to use on their site. Please read more at A 'Phantoms & Monsters' Holiday Tradition: A Christmas Story....well, kinda




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