Monday, December 11, 2017

An Experiencer's Realization of Events

I was working alone finishing a house at a fairly remote area near Littlefort, BC, keeping my own hours. The house had wood heat. The time was mid-winter in 1988 with a foot of compact snow on the ground. I worked out of a small wood shop close to the house. My schedule was somewhat erratic so i kept a log book of what type of work was done and how many hours labor I had performed each day. This book was updated daily or at least every other day. I had been working there about 5 weeks.

i had been off to town the previous weekend (picking up supplies) and had returned Sunday night. Monday I was working in the shop and things were going well. The next thing I remember I was standing in the house, confused as if I had just come out of a fog. I did not recall how I got there, I just seemed to appear. The house looked dusty and un-lived in, like when you come home from a holiday and no one has been around. I felt I could not get my bearings as if I had just had an electric shock. I could not figure out what day it is. I turned on the radio and it was Friday morning, about 10:30 am. I tried to reason out what was going on, to get my bearings and I could not.

Oddly my log book was open to that day; Friday. "what had I been doing?" I asked myself. I turned the book to Thursday and there was nothing written. "oh well" I said to myself; this occasionally happened, usually I write every day. I turned to Wednesday; nothing. I was starting to worry, I had never missed two days before. I turned to Tuesday and nothing, Monday nothing. I went to the previous Friday (before going to town) and looked at the work written. This was the last work done. I could remember nothing from Monday noon. I checked the shop and everything was as it should be as of Monday. Nothing has been done since Monday noon. Back to the house. The food I packed in the fridge Sunday night had not been touched. The firewood I stacked Sunday night against the house was there so there was no wood burnt, yet the house was not freezing. The house was in a state of stasis, not cold but not warm. I examined myself and I was warm and dry (I had not been out in the snow). I looked at my vehicle and the tracks in the snow. I could see that I had not driven since Sunday and no one had driven in. There were no footprints in the snow but mine. I was not hungry or dehydrated, yet I was wearing the same clothes as I was on Monday. I was not smelly or dirty.

I now feel that I was under a post-hypnotic suggestion because a voice in my head said over and over "I must have been here working....I must have been here working...." on and on. Within an hour of appearing back on Monday I falsely wrote in work hours for the missing four days. This still bothers me since I pride myself on my honesty. During the writing I knew I had not done the work, because there was nothing done. The work was linear, one step after another and I was clearly inventing false labor. Yet I continued.

I kept this log book for years, yet my falsehood was so effective that I could not identify which week this occurred! Eventually I threw the book out since I could not decipher it and it just bothered me more.

Life went on and I convinced myself that it had just been fatigue, in spite of the surrounding evidence.

Six months later I had a dream where I was back and I knew it was the Monday of the event. I was in my shop and a voice in my head told me that I should go to the lake. It seemed like it was my idea. I walked to the lake and looked up. There was a hole in the sky, somewhat like an enormous Saturn. It was as if I could see through to the if a portal. The "stars" were brilliant and dense. I was confused as to what I was seeing; not a solid object but a void. I stared then the thought came "I'm seeing a UFO! I was happy and excited. I had always wanted to see one! The millisecond I had the thought, an electric shock shot through me from my head to my toes and I was awake sitting up in my bed. This all happened at the same time. I immediately realized that I knew what happened the winter before. Oddly enough I had not even been dwelling on it much. - MUFON

NOTE: This is an interesting account, and very similar to others I have heard or read before. The realization, at a later point, that you had an unexplained encounter. I believe this experiencer handled the event well, as opposed to others who go through the same type of ordeal. Lon

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