Friday, December 15, 2017

Crossed Lines: Reptilian Espionage

I recently received the following information from Matt R:

I’ve discussed my previous reptilian experiences on Lon's blog. The most recent of which occured just in September ( . Since then, the pattern of bewildering interference and hacking has escalated, lately .

Joe Montaldo had me on his 11/29/17 UPRN radio show, to fill in for a cancelled guest. He is the head of ICAR (A rival to MUFON), and has appeared on several episodes of 'Ancient Aliens.' We have previously discussed the pattern of police and military members being taken to train Reptilians in crowd control, after dark, and often in shopping malls. And, my involvement, when I was on the NOPD, during Hurricane Katrina. This was a follow-up, to that, with new witness updates, provided by Joe.

Firstly, his server was knocked out completely, 13 minutes into our interview. Then, after we returned, Joe used his high security router to record a massive ping attack out of Norfolk, Virginia. Millions of them, in 1 second. There are many military and intelligence sub-groups in that region...obviously. I don't think they anticipated that Joe would be tracking or counting IP addresses like that. They were obviously trying to crash the show, again, but just barely failed. I've included the links. The second segment begins, after a brief 90 seconds of silence. The take down of his server caused the episode to be split in two parts:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

(Please note that you can also find his UPRN archives on Spreaker and Soundcloud, if YouTube videos are pulled down)

Then on Sunday (12/3/2017), I was awoken at 630 AM by a Reptilian loudly hissing at me, through my cell phone. It was extremely vivid and forceful. They even remotely turned my volume back on, in order to do this. I normally always keep my S6 phone on silent, because I don't want a Twitter or email notification waking me at 2 am. I keep my phone OS and apps updated, and regularly scan for spyware. There was no app open, or in the status bar, capable of playing any sounds.

I only get to sleep in, on weekends. They had to have known this would wake me up. I can't see them doing that, unless it was an important warning of some type. I already obviously know about the surveillance, after what happened on the air. That would be redundant. I have no idea what the warning was in regard to. The symbolism of being woken right at dawn on a Sunday was not very encouraging.

As mentioned in my "Reptilian Abduction Aftermath" article from just 2 months ago (linked to, at top of article) some type of Reptilian also loudly hissed at me twice through my phone, the day after a recent abduction. Just a few weeks after publishing it, I then noticed the Word document copy of the article had been corrupted. Rendered totally non-accessible. I haven't seen that happen in Gmail, ever. Just on an intuitive hunch, I contacted Lon to see if the separate copy in his email box had been corrupted. And, it had. Fortunately, he had seen and published it before that happened.

What is causing this sudden dramatic increase in heat towards me? This is the biggest jump I've had in this sort of activity in years. I do need to put this out there, in case any other abductees are experiencing a similar sudden rise in this sort of thing. My purely subjective guess is they expect something to happen..soon. What has them both so on edge here? Based on what Joe recounted in the interview, there have been similar training sessions at indoor shopping centers in other cities lately. It's possible they have reactivated the program. And, this would likely lead to more attention being applied to anyone involved with the past. So, I do believe that they think the probability of these auxiliary Reptilian support groups being needed is rising.

Of course, if they knew for certain the future, we likely never would have done that Reptilian training in 2005. They would have simply waited until right before the big widespread event (whatever that "it" may end up being). I don't believe there is any set future timeline. But, I do believe the global escalation in political/military tension, and natural disasters, is increasing odds of systemic instability.

I do also need to also thank researcher James Bartley for having me on his program recently. While the second part of this interview is subscription only, the first part has lots of interesting info. He addresses other Reptilian abduction cases, which parallel my own. Interestingly enough, they even include aspects like their hissing behavior, and genetic manipulation of abductees. (

Matt R. (,

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