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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Attributes of an Abductee

The following account was posted today:

Catalina, Arizona - 2017-10-11: Awoke 6:50am today (later than usual) with approx 2" each side indentation of triangle (point down) in middle of my forehead. Inside triangle is raised, puffy, with red spot in middle. Slight bluish tinge inside puffy area, edges of triangle are flattened into skin about 1/4" wide. It is sore inside triangle, not sore elsewhere. At friends' urging I looked for other markings, and remembered I had one from about 2 days ago on my left temple. That had started as a puffed area which I scratched & it became irritated. Now it's a red mark in shape of triangle, point down with three brown dots inside. It's been almost 5 hours now and the forehead mark is still there, slightly less inflamed. I often awake with inexplicable bruises or marks anyway, but this is the most ridiculous and flagrant one I have ever seen in my entire life.

Currently I live in a fairly remote area in Arizona, off a dirt road in an RV. I'm O negative blood type and am on the Red Cross 'Baby Brigade' blood donor list (we on the brigade do not have a certain type of organism in our blood, so our blood can be safely given to premature babies...Most people have this organism in their blood). I have hazel eyes and reddish tone to hair, which was more pronounce red when I was younger. Blood pressure is normally 90/65ish...once recorded as low as 60/30 after a blood draw (which a friend said could not be true because I would have died. Well, obviously I didn't die, just got dizzy. Staff held onto me and forced me to walk around blood center until pressure elevated). Temperature usually about 96 degrees + varying decimal points. I've never been able to have a live birth, only miscarriages. Extremely sensitive ears, always wear earplugs or headphones, etc. etc. I've done healing work professionally, but have not done so for over 5 years. I find this planet very hard to live on for many reasons, and often feel I was 'dropped' here as a cruel joke by close friends who would think it was funny. Not funny.

In 2010 I saw the textbook 'three amber lights that move together then disappear' ufo type, just north of Phoenix, AZ about 45 mins. before dusk. Next day the news reported it as a 'meteor.' It's hard to explain why, but the lights were coming right at me and I felt they 'knew' me, or 'saw' me, me personally. I wasn't scared. When the three lights moved closer together, making a smaller type of triangle they 'POOF!'...disappeared all at once. I was sad, as I had wished they would have come over to me. When I was about 10 I swear I saw a UFO, very low, in Arlington,MA at night. But that was a long time ago.

As a child I thought I'd created my own written language which I used in my journal, to keep my thoughts private. But after showing it to an Arizona UFO enthusiast, he said it was not a 'new' language, it was 'alien' language. He also thought I had a lot of what he called 'screen memories', about school buses and planes, and even spaceships themselves with zero gravity inside. I find it very hard to believe that I could consistently be picked up into a spaceship and taken 'away' anywhere without my knowledge. I just find that pretty unbelievable. So I have never believed it. This forehead indentation is the only thing that has ever had me really confounded.

In any case, I am attaching photos of what I have described. I would really like to know what this is and what it's from. The underlying muscles of the forehead could account for this shape, but I don't understand the indentations or puffiness. Even if it's some kind of natural medical phenomenon I'd like to know. - MUFON

NOTE: MUFON removed the images, which is now their practice for entity encounter cases. I believe that this woman is an actual multiple abductee and possibly a 'star child', because of the physical information given (O negative blood, changes in blood pressure, sensitive ears, feeling of not belonging on Earth, females unable to give birth, etc.). The hazel eyes & red hair is also a characteristic that has been noted in a high number of abductees. I truly hope MUFON takes this report seriously, because I believe that she has a lot to offer. I also hope that this woman can receive the guidance and compassion she will need in order to go forward. Lon

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