Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Summary: Reptilian Abduction Aftermath

I recently received the following information from Matt R.:

I had what I can only consider to be a new reptilian abduction. I was taken sometime after falling asleep, around 11pm on Monday night 9-25-17. This is the first abduction I can pinpoint since the December 2016 one addressed, here: (http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/01/the-pathology-of-reptilian-alien.html)

I woke up feeling devastatingly exhausted, despite going to sleep at least 7 hours. Then, I notice about a third of the devices I own had been hit by a power disruption. Computer, TV, lights. All had to be restarted. Meanwhile, a microwave and a clock radio with no battery backup never lost their set time, at all. Completely, inexplicably, unaffected.

Then, I notice a callous scaly skin pattern had appeared overnight, on both index fingers. Each one covers half the finger, like a mirror of the other. This reminds me of the twin scaly patch breakouts I experienced before, at least a year ago, on the corners of both my wrists. In that case, too, they seemed to appear overnight. At the time, I had no other recalled experiences to associate with this development, or any abduction signs. So, I was willing to entertain the idea it was just an extremely odd coincidence.

But, no type of psoriasis or Ichthyosis should appear on two limbs in exact same spot, overnight, unless something is going on genetically. So, I presume I was abducted last night. And, had some sort of reptilian gene activation. Especially because of what happened next.

Something very disturbing happened, when I was taking pictures of my hand, with my S6 smartphone. At the time, I was parked in my car, with the engine off. Within a few seconds of taking the first picture, I heard a very loud hiss. At first, I thought my car had blown its air conditioning coolant, or a radiator hose. It was that loud. When I went to take the picture of the other hand, I heard the hiss again. And, I realized it was coming from my smart phone. I was actually able to get the phone mic to my ear, to hear the tail end of it. There was absolutely no app, or music player, YouTube app, or browser open. And, the camera app was still in photo taking mode. I was so disturbed by this that I immediately taped over both my phone cameras. I'm not that bothered by my abductions. But, I don't like being stared at in real time, by anyone.

I was a little confused by what motivated this hiss, by whatever reptilian was watching. Were they surprised by the skin effects, too? Or, just surprised I noticed. Perhaps they were also upset I was even photographing it? I did do some research, afterwards, and found out that fingerprints can easily be read from photos, nowadays. So, perhaps it was also a warning not to publish them? (http://www.iflscience.com/technology/thieves-can-steal-your-fingerprints-from-your-selfies/) Because of this, I'm going to refrain from publishing high resolution pictures of my fingertips. As probably anyone should, nowadays.

I've been aware, for some time, that they can hack apps like "Skype". And, Ive had multiple instances of reptilian type vocalizations coming into my Skype calls (As I covered, here http://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2017/08/reptilian-speech-commonalities-in.html). And, we've all seen the Snowden revelations, on how human governments can tap microphones and take camera snapshots. However, I had no idea they could watch in a real time video feed. That takes an awful lot of bandwidth. I'd be really surprised if all that data is just shooting past our human NSA servers, without them seeing it. Or, at least, pretending they're not seeing it.

The one positive takeaway from this is that I had felt oddly uncomfortable, about my front facing phone camera for at least a week prior to this. Id even sometimes find myself holding my phone at an angle, without realizing it. That does, at least, imply I was having an accurate premonition of being watched. So, perhaps they stepped up surveillance a few weeks in advance, of scheduling my abduction?

I've always had unusually scaly skin. Icthyosis level. Yet, it actually seemed to find a way to worsen, after my abductions began in 2003. And, this is an issue many reptilian abductees report. Here's just one example: http://m.beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2012/12/marissa-reyna-lezet-reptilian-hybrids-2445818.html

A number of reptilian abductees, including myself, believe this is related to hybrid genetics. In multiple abduction cases, the Reptilians do outright tell abductees that they have hybrid reptilian DNA, from ancestral interbreeding. I do not know exactly what % the gene contribution is. Or, how much of it can be activated. I do know, personally, there was a major effect on the sensitivity of my digestive system, after my first few abductions (especially the second big one, in 2015). I believe that what I, and other abductees notice, are only the tip of the iceberg (in terms of full effects). I recall zero details at present. But, that was also true of the abduction I had around Christmas. I didn't start to recall anything, until almost two weeks later. I felt more wiped out, after this latest one, so it is possible I was kept asleep the whole time. I will keep you updated.

Matt R. (panamaorange@twitter.com, circlepanama@gmail.com)

P.S. - Abductee Simon Parkes (who has become increasingly well known in that subject field, lately) described a rapid physiological alteration that echoes my own, in this interview. He was abducted, along with a female reptilian abductee, who returned from an abduction almost 3 inches taller. He describes this, starting at around the 22:55 mark - https://youtu.be/w6dxXAAAIp4

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