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Friday, October 13, 2017

White Bird-Like Humanoid Accosts Rural South Dakota Witnesses

I recently received the following account:

This happened on June 9, 2014, to a friend and I in rural South Dakota. It was a clear night, kinda boring. We had been visiting friends here and there all evening...just going around visiting. Usually we'd be sipping a beer by the time evening came but for whatever reason that day we decided not to. We were just cruising and listening to music. It started getting late and everywhere we went people were drinking. Sad but just another night here. So after wasting gas all night, we decided to go check out some other people we knew.

We pulled up, by then it was around 2:00 in the morning. But everyone was hanging out outside in the front yard passing a bit of liquor around. We sat around and visited...I think either of us took just one shot before we decided to head out cause I was getting tired and wanted to go home. We said out 'laters' and jumped in the car. Now the place we were visiting was down a street almost the last house on a one-way street with houses on each side, until a few driveways before the stop sign where you'd enter the street. There were like two or three lots vacant on the right side...just open field with a row of trees farther back. Well here we are driving maybe 15 mph if not less trying to find a song to listen to. We're both not really paying attention to the road.

Then I look up and see what looks like a dog or some kind of animal alongside the road by one of the empty drives. It looked like it was eating, kinda hunched over you know....but no bigger than a dog. Then the closer we get to it this thing turns it's head back towards us and we can see it in the headlights. But while it's turning around it's also starting to stand up....like a person. But not a person. By the time we pull right up along side it's body hits the right side of the car. This is all happening in a matter of seconds...it isn't anything I ever seen before. Like a cross between a man and bird. White with all these weird feathers or something on it's body, with long fingers...like 8 or 9 inches long. I remember the fingers because it reached in the window while we slowed down. It had some kind of weird things sticking out of it's head....like horns or something.

At the same time we're freaking out and my friend is saying 'GO GO GO!' And this thing got its arms out to the side and all theses things fringes are hanging off it's arms and moving all over it's body...making a noise like when a porcupine shakes its quills. Then it' screams like the ugliest scream or holler...it was so loud! I slammed on the gas and was just trying to get the hell outta there. I ran the next two stop signs, freaking out. I didn't stop until I got back farther into town.

So anyway we stopped. I'm still freaking out ...sitting there crying trying to figure the hell out what I just saw. So we ended staying up all night sitting in the car in the driveway of a family member. Trying to figure it all out. Scared to move. In the meantime I call the people whose house we just came from, cause they were all outside and only about four houses down the street. Thinking they had to have seen us slow down and stop...but they had to have heard that thing scream. But when I talked to them nobody heard anything. They said they seen us leave and that was it. I don't know what it was but I had nightmares for a year or so almost every night. And yeah, I'll admit I still look for things that might be similar looking...listen to stories. Trying to find anything that could give me some explanation. CWB

NOTE: I believe this incident occurred on one of the Sioux reservations in South Dakota. As far as this being resembling an indigenous spiritual entity or legendary creature...I really have no idea. Lon

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