Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Female Related Strangeness

The following accounts contain descriptions of strange activity in which women are involved:

She Didn't Look Human

“I went up to Spencer Field, Tennessee, before I was aware of Dennis Martin's disappearance. Knowing I was going to a very isolated area to do some metal detecting, I brought a .357 Mag and an AR-15 with me. You never know. It is a very scary place up there.

After doing some detecting and having no luck, I explored around until the road turned to gravel. Mind you there were no power lines that I could see, nor any other kind of lines. I was a bit on edge, stopping to detect one more time. A car, with the engine skipping a big ole ark if you know what I mean, a real big guy driving and eyeballing me as he drove by, which made me more alert. I decided it was time to get out of there. As I drove not more that 100 yards, I encountered a park ranger, a bizarre looking female. Frankly she didn't look human. She asked me what I was doing up here. I said, 'Sight-seeing.' And the road was very narrow and I thought I was going to have problems with her. I pulled over to the far right so she could pass and I got my butt outta there.

One other thing, the whole time I was that deep into the woods, I could hear gunfire. Whoever is living up there is definitely living off the grid. I may not even know how close I was to the unknown/death.”

Source: Youtube comments, Sea Pilot

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Bad Night in the Restaurant

“My first job was at a lil' Italian restaurant. I was about four months in and a large storm hit out of nowhere up where I am...in North Texas, small little town. It got real dark, super windy and quite a bit of raining off and on. Our manager said if no one shows up in 30 minutes, we will shut down. Well, a little car pulled up. A lady and young tall girl walked in all pissed off. She's ready to slay on the mother. I get them of course. (I pick up on weird vibes and these people freaked me the f--- out) I hardly ever get this uncomfortable with people, not even people I know who are losers. These people, especially the older woman, did NOT give off a normal human vibe. They gave off predator vibes. The young girl didn't talk but when ordering, the mother wanted to chit-chat a little too much. (did I mention they wanted the darkest table closest to the open windows facing the storm? I'm terrified of storms by the way)

So this lady asked for a straw and I was like, 'Okay, just a second' and she laughed and said, 'Well, you know why I asked because women need straws because of our lipstick' then she straight-faced looked at me and I just walked away). When I brought their food, she proceeded to question me about how old I was, what school I went to and that they had just moved to a neighboring town and wanted to check out a few other places around there. They ate and left and I will never forget that night for the rest of my life. too weird.”

Source: Youtube comments, Sabre

JLB - Beyond Creepy


She Hasn't Been the Same

Tyler in St. Louis called in to tell of his mother's experience:

“My mom actually had a bizarre experience and since listening to your show, I'm absolutely now a believer. I've never had anything personally happen to me, but my mom told me what she went through. She goes, 'Well, you're not going to believe this but I'm pretty sure I just saw UFO' and I'm like, 'Really?' and she goes, 'Yeah, it was a cloudy day and I was in my apartment. Something drew me to the deck.' She went out there and looked and she said, 'they barely dipped below the clouds. At first I thought maybe it was a kid out there with a remote-control toy but it was too big.' She says, 'as soon as I looked at it, it disappeared back up in the clouds without any sound, without any noise. I could see the black helicopters.' This was in Olathe, Kansas. She lives in some apartments there off Rt.100 and Rt.33...so it's a really heavy residential area. 'I could see the helicopter very clearly right after I saw see UFOs. At that point, I knew I had seen something, but I would have thought that I would have heard the helicopter rotors, but it was absolutely silent.'

At the time, I thought, she was seeing stuff. But me and my mother have always had kind of like paranormal weirdness throughout our lives so I was inclined to believe her. But it wasn't until I started listening to your show, I guess that was on a month or so ago, you had mentioned the black helicopters and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I was like, I've been trying to call you guys for a while because ever since she's seen that she's been acting really, really strange. She's not herself and so I didn't know what you thought about that.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 21, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

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