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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Scary Little Man By My Bed -- Unknown Snake-Like Beast in Midlands Lake -- Ghost Hunters Busted in Cemetery

Scary Little Man By My Bed

“The story of a humanoid that appeared to be made of paper by their bed is similar to an encounter I had back in 2001. I was asleep on my right side so that my back was facing out towards the edge of the bed. I was asleep when I started to hear these strange electrical-type noises going on inside my head. The best way to describe the noise was as if I was listening to a thousand analog radios all squealing because they were not properly tuned into a radio station, as well as a buzzing sound.

Next thing I know it felt like someone poked me in the back with their finger, which startled the hell out of me so I immediately twisted around to see who was there. There in front of my eyes next to the bed-head and against the wall was this this little man, no taller than 4ft. He looked odd in the sense that his head and facial features, while human looking, were not proportional to a normal human head. He had a small mouth slightly open, with tiny human-like teeth showing quite clearly. His nose was also small but his eyes were like extremely big human looking eyes; and he had a big bald head. As best as I can remember he was wearing a dark one-piece outfit. What was strange was that the room was dark but I could see him as if he was producing his own light. Looking at his face I was terrified, because all he did was remain completely silent and expressionless but just stare right at me with such an intense stare. The fact that I could see his teeth gave me the impression he was possibly aggressive and might attack me, and I could literally feel waves of Adrenalin flow through my body in anticipation of a sudden attack. Even though I was scared however, I was ready to launch myself at him should he make move towards me. But he didn't; he just remained perfectly still and just kept staring right at me. At the same time I was being equally careful not to move an inch just in case he thought I was going to attack him.

Anyway, after what seemed like a minute or so of us just staring at each other in complete silence, I just thought at him to "F" off, and amazingly he just instantly faded out like a light. In retrospect I regret doing that because he did absolutely nothing aggressive towards me. I put my fear at the time down to initially being startled as well as the fact that I was perhaps misinterpreting his teethy, expressionless stare.”

Source: Youtube comments, weskal

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Unknown Snake-Like Beast in Midlands Lake

The 4ft long creature was spotted in Charnwood Water in Loughborough, Leicestershire, on Monday by a terrified dog walker.

The witness watched in horror as a duck started struggling on the surface – before it was pulled under for dinner.

And now the creature – which some have suggested could be a monster pike – has been dubbed the “Lough Ness Monster”.

Its frightening existence was brought to the attention of locals by the worried eyewitness on community website, Spotted: Loughborough.

The witness posted a blurry image and said: “I was just walking my dog up Charnwood Water and noticed a duck struggling in the water.

“The duck was pulled under the water by something very large at least four-feet long from what I could see of it and snake like." Read more w/ photo at Bizarre ‘snake-like’ beast dubbed ‘Lough Ness Monster’ spotted FEASTING on duck


Ghost Hunters Busted in Cemetery

Two Duluth-area conservation officers chased down two suspected poachers Saturday night in what became a haunting tale of paranormal behavior.

Conservation officers Andy Schmidt and Kipp Duncan, who patrol the Duluth area for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, were staking out a cemetery near where there had been recent complaints of people "shining" deer.

Using a flashlight or spotlight to locate deer at night is illegal if you have a gun or bow in your vehicle. Shining lights to look for animals is allowed for the first two hours after sunset nightly, but only if there is no gun or bow in the vehicle.

The officers' stakeout — in a small, dark cemetery in an undisclosed location — was closer to midnight than sunset.

"We were in the truck waiting for something to happen when this car pulled into the cemetery," Schmidt told the News Tribune on Monday. "We could see they were using some sort of light. But it wasn't really a beam of light. ... It was flashing on and off like a strobe."

Schmidt and Duncan debated whether the suspects were breaking any law but eventually decided the action constituted shining — or at least was unusual enough to find out what was going on.

"So we pulled out to talk to them and they took off. ... We had to chase after them and hit them with the (flashing) lights out on the road," Schmidt said.

The suspects eventually stopped and the officers approached their car. It turned out to be two women from Calumet, on the Iron Range, who appeared to be in their late 30s or early 40s, Schmidt said. They didn't have any gun or bow in the car.

"When we asked them what they were doing with the lights they wouldn't tell us. They said we'd make fun of them," Schmidt said.

Eventually the women fessed up: They had been looking for ghosts in the graveyard.

"She explained they were using their phone camera flash to spot ghosts. They said that you can't see ghosts with a normal light, that you have to use a flash," Schmidt said. "I didn't realize ghosts only show up with flash."

Duncan then noticed an unusual blinking light on one of the women's smartphones. It was an app, they explained, called Ghost Radar.

"They said it would allow you to see where the ghosts were that you couldn't see," Schmidt said.

Ghost Radar's website advertises the app as "the original application designed to detect paranormal activity."

In the end, the women were allowed to go on their way. No ticket was issued. - Duluth game wardens find ghost hunters in cemetery


JFK Assassination Files can be accessed at JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release. You will need Microsoft XL software in order to access the files.



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