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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'There was something weird about that bridge...'

Serena in Riverdale, New York called to tell of her experience in Point Pleasant:

“You guys were speculating as to whether there might have been negative energy around the Point Pleasant bridge. I can confirm that there definitely was some kind of freaky negative, big negative energy, around there. When I was a kid about four or five years old, I've been a very calm stoic rational person my whole life. We would go, I lived in the region...we would go visit my grandparents and there were two different ways we could go. One would take us over the(Silver Bridge) bridge and one would not. My dad was always in construction so he really liked, you know, big bridges and stuff and I actually liked them too. But something about this bridge. I would freak out, I mean I would plead with my dad. I begged him, do not go over that bridge. You know, this is the words of a five-year-old child. It was to the point where if he took me over that bridge, I would ball up on the floor of the back seat and hold my breath the entire time. There was something weird about that bridge and when that thing came down I had a big, "I told you so" with my father. I think he thought I was kind of a weird. I was not happy to be correct about that but there definitely was some weird energy about that place.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 16, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Serena is not unique in her feelings about the Silver Bridge before it collapsed. I have received several accounts from people who had issues with the Silver Bridge when they were children...one account was from a witness 'DR' who also had a close encounter with a Mothman. Lon

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