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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Little Winged Creature -- Three Encounters With An Organic Hybrid UFO -- 'Satan is furious with me'

Little Winged Creature

Terry in O'Fallon, Missouri called in to tell of his strange creature story:

“I've been trying to call you for over a year. I didn't even tell anybody about this until a year ago, but I come through the back woods to O'Fallon from Washington and there's some weird stuff going on over in that county. But one night I was going by the airport and what made me call you was this, I come in and the headlights, I had them on low-beam because it was foggy and I was driving fairly slow like 35 - 40 miles an hour. All of a sudden, in the headlights, on the side of the road, was this little creature and, he flared his wings up. He had wings like a large bird of prey. He flared them up like they do, turned his head, he had a beak of sorts. It wasn't a big beak but it was bigger than an owl, and he opened his mouth. I couldn't hear if he is screeching or what but I drove past him and I thought, What the hell was that? I drove past him and I got to thinking, You know, I saw it had extremities and it was extremities such as an infant...like both legs arms. I got to thinking, you know, there was no head, I thought, well, he's eating something on the side of the road but he had his mouth open screeching or something, there was no way you could have held it. He flared his wings and the thing stands in front of him, whatever it was, and it had no head, so I kept thinking about it I turned around and I went back there and of course it was gone. There was nothing there. There was no carcass or nothing.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 16, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Three Encounters With An Organic Hybrid UFO

I recently received the following information:

My name is Mark. I 'm an electrical engineer and have been working for more than 35 years. I started my career in aerospace building communication satellites, missiles and weapon systems. I understand modern technology very well.

The first encounter began In July, 2005. I was living in Gold Canyon, AZ. One evening I saw a bright star at around 7pm. The odd thing was it wasn’t dark enough for stars. I pointed my Galileo model telescope at it. This is what I saw (see Figure 1).

Wow, I have never seen anything like it. The wind was strong at around 25mph. However, the object was stationary above the Superstition Mountains. I excitedly tried to focus my Sony digital camera, but the auto focus would not lock. I continued to watch the object and watched as it began to morph. The two antennae became longer, and the center pendulum mounted instrument became shorter. It was semitransparent with a glowing rectangle on the inside. I watched for at least 30 minutes until It gradually faded in the night sky. I immediately knew it was not of this Earth. It was not manned and was possibly a hybrid organic living machine. I immediately drew a picture of it so I would not forget its detail.

The second encounter happened about 6 months later when I was a field engineer for GE Energy. I arrived early for work at the paper plant located in Snowflake, AZ. I noticed a balloon-looking object not far from where I was parked. I always carried a binocular in my company car. I looked at it. I was sure this was the same UFO object that I had seen moths earlier. I had thought often about what I had seen in the summer. What a coincidence that here it was again. I grabbed my Sony Camera see (Photo 1).

I began work for the day doing maintenance on medium voltage switchgear. Every few hours I would look outside and see the UFO still hanging in the sky. I got the strange feeling that it was watching me watching it! I brought a coworker out to look at it. He could not figure out what it was either. After many hours, I had worked to the other side of the paper plant. At about 3pm, I looked for the UFO and it had moved much closer. It was now close to the area of the plant that I was working, see (Photo 2).

I took several pictures. I noticed that the UFO was morphing from round to teardrop see (photo 3). I left the plant, the UFO and drove home. I researched the balloon UFO on YouTube and found several pictures from Texas and California of the same object. Nobody knew what it was, but did find It very strange and unusual.

Many months later my wife Mary and I were at Harrah's Casino in Laughlin, NV. It was summer around 11pm. We were sitting with some friends in back of the casino overlooking the river. It was very dark out. The only light was from the inside of the casino. I was sipping a cocktail and chatting. All three people I was with were facing the river. I was facing the side of the casino. Out of total darkness appeared the UFO only 300-400 Feet away, and I was looking right at it!

I did not say a word. It was low to the ground and just past the casino North tower. I kept staring at it. I was sure that if I told everyone to look it would get spooked and disappear. I watched at least a minute more and said nothing. Just then a second UFO appeared out f the darkness slightly above and behind the first. This as incredible! I watched longer. Now a third UFO appeared slightly above and behind the second UFO. I was now looking at three of the same organic hybrid UFO's in a staggered formation. I was speechless. After only about 5 sconds they slowly backed up one by one just beyond the casino tower and disappeared in black night sky. I immediately had the feeling that they came to say goodbye and I would never see them again.

In conclusion, I have seen something so intelligent that it was table to track me with technology not of this world. I felt that they were curious and harmless. I have never seen them again.



'Satan is furious with me'

I recently received the following account:

Mr. Strickler,
I will give you a brief detail of my deep dark involvement with the supernatural. When I was 8 yo I played with a Ouija Board. These are very dangerous. At the time I did not know any better. I attracted the attention of a level 7 demon named Daimach. He attached himself to me. Promised to never hurt me. He never did. But he was seen by other kids in the neighbourhood as Damian. He slowly taught me witchcraft. He turned me into a powerful version of Harry Potter. I found out that magic is real. The dark side is real. Hell is real. Satan is real. The imaginary creatures of myth and legend are real. I kept close to Damian until I was brought out from the possession at 15. At 16 God called me into the priesthood and to be an exorcist priest. At that time I flat our refused. At 25 in college I became Roman Catholic. And I would go on to seminary. Left the Roman Church to become Anglican. I survived Anglican Seminary. After seminary I became a Anglican Priest. Then I aligned with The Anglo-Catholic Church. I have done and survived three exorcisms, have done many cleansings, and blessings. Satan is furious with me for using what I learned on the dark side against him for the glory of God. This is my experience in a nutshell. Fr.C

NOTE: I am simply posting an account as it was described in an email. I will not offer an opinion...I leave it to your interpretation. Lon


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