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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: The M6 and Paris 'Paranormal Crash' Update -- Bizarre 'Shadow Person' Encounter -- Who Killed Princess Diana?

The M6 and Paris 'Paranormal Crash' Update

This is a case that I have been keeping an eye on for over 7 years. I recently received the following information:


I've been turning up some interesting new evidence and this is helping in trying to unravel this mystery.

Firstly that domain name is strange in as much that is actually does nothing and appears to have no reason to exist, what's even stranger is this info:


I am looking into this at the moment as the street does exist in Manchester but there doesn't appear to be a link to Colin Luigi.

I've been doing some more digging and looked at the 1of26 Twitter feed again, but it appears to be all manner of dead ends so I'm not sure what to make of it. John Titor and Ronald Mallett are named in it though and both of these names are linked to time travel.

Titor appears to be a fictitious character from a few years ago however Mallett is the real deal - he's a top US physicist:


I've managed to clean up the sound on this interview and you can clearly hear the suspects name being confirmed as Steve Garner - he does that after 25 seconds.

It also confirms that Garner was in the morgue and it also confirms he was tampering with dead bodies - something that Mark Collins wrote about in one of his reports.


1 min 34 seconds - the policeman confirms that doctors have never seen that device before.


This is the first real evidence I have to confirm a potential suspects name to another piece of evidence and also to Mark Collins' reports.

As you can imagine I am now working on the other files to see if they turn anything up.

But to have confirmation that Mark Collins' appears to be right after all these years is a major breakthrough.

Thanks, Time For Answers

As well as the following email:

Hey Lon,

This is SG from the UK, a long time blog reader and enthusiast of your site! I hope you're doing well and can remember that we have corresponded before about the multiple vehicle freeway pile up some years back on the M6 motorway in England that had mysterious elements to it and also linked to a similarly weird vehicle crash in Paris, France. Later there was an investigation by Mark Collins, but the trail went cold. There were intriguing hints of time travel and ''other dimensional'' elements to the story as well.

Another investigator, calling himself ''Time For Answers'' emerged and I updated you about him. Now, about a year since I last heard from him, I received this email (posted above), which is self explanatory. I've listened to the new video, but my computer can't pick up any meaningful dialogue. Perhaps you can do better..

You will see at the end that he asked me to forward his email on to you. I don't know if you can make anything of it, or even have any continuing interest in this story, but I can't get this odd event out of my mind and still hope it may lead somewhere at sometime...like the Todd Sees case which is also endlessly fascinating.

All the best to you, SG


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Bizarre 'Shadow Person' Encounter

“I remember years ago when I was a teenager, me and my mom were at a Peter Piper Pizza when I was having so much fun playing the arcade games there I lost track of time, Before I knew it the time was approaching almost 10 PM so we decided to leave but eat and drink as much as we could from our order before we left all together. The Peter Piper pizza was surrounded by other businesses and its position made our walk home that much further. Our walk home took about an hour or so and when he approached the security gate next to the office we easily were able to go inside since the key pad on the gate wasn't activated which offered no real protection to the people. After we made our way inside we still had a good 10 minute walk back our section toward our apartment we lived at, so we took our sweet time walking back following a long side walk that led us back directly to our apartment. On our way back we were in deep conversation and joking about our experience at Peter Piper's that we didn't realize that there was no sound around us. No crickets. Nothing.

When we finally made it back to our apartment we were still in deep conversation and I had my back toward the fence as my mom was looking for her apartment key in her pocket, when we heard a noise behind us. The lights from our as well as other apartments in our area barely reach the end of the fence around us, which barely reached the field next to it kids used to practice. In this case the lights from the apartment(s) only reached pass a certain point pass the long fence behind us when we heard the sound of the fence move. We immediately stopped talking and both looked behind us to see the apartment lights reach just far enough to make out to our horror a solid black figure on the other side of the fence. It wasn't a regular person but a physical shadow of that person. The light that was protruding thru the fence allowed us to see it clearly. It had no physical features either. A 'living' physical shadow without its physical body at night is a the best way to describe it. It put its hands on the fence and started shaking it while as it was trying to get us and at the same time its motioning had also somehow seemed robotic which terrified us and forced my mom to look or her keys even faster, which didn't help because it threw off her concentration of trying to unlock the door which made it even worse to the point that I was forced to stand there and wait until she finally opened the damn door already. We eventually made it into our apartment no thanks to my mom and for some reason I forgot all about that moment because I felt safe inside the apartment. We only had that happen to us that one time and that bad memory has haunted me ever since. I don't know where it came from or where it went to.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Brother Rob

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Who Killed Princess Diana?

The car crash that killed Princess Diana on on Aug, 31, 1997, was a tragedy that shocked the world. Multiple investigations ultimately attributed her “unlawful death” to the reckless driving of both her chauffeur, Henri Paul, who was ruled to be drunk at the time, and the paparazzi dangerously tailing her limousine.

But two decades later, conspiracy theories endure, with fingers pointing at everyone from the paparazzi and the royal family to the French police and Britain's MI6 foreign intelligence service for their supposed roles in the deaths of Diana and her then-boyfriend Dodi Fayed.

With Aug. 31, 2017, marking the 20-year anniversary of Diana’s death, revisit the unsubstantiated theories surrounding what happened in Paris’ Pont de L’Alma tunnel that night. Read more at Who killed Princess Diana? Conspiracy theories endure, twenty years later


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