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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Assaulted by a 'Shadow Man' -- The Night Of The Black Triangle -- The Macquarie Bunyip

Assaulted by a 'Shadow Man'

A person named Damian wrote to Heidi Hollis about his shadow man experience:

“My name is Damian. I am French. I'm 29. I do not know where to start. Excuse my English. I'm not very good. I translate through Google. I will go straight to the point. One night I was raped by a shadow man during my sleep, while a man with a hat looked at me. I was unable to move and when they realized that I was awake he put his hand on my head which put me to sleep right away. I have a lot of bad luck and worse, I feel like I'm dying. I feel they stole something from me that night. I cannot talk about it to anyone for fear of being taken for a madman. I could tell you so much more. I've traveled through other worlds. The day I fell into a world with a greenish luminosity. I was walking on a very narrow path until arriving in front of a door without a knob. I do not remember but I think I finally managed to open this door. I also have traces that appear on the body to my awakening. Kind of burns from within.”

Source: Outlandish Corner with Heidi Hollis – July 23, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: 'Shadow People' & 'Hat Man' entities are extremely dangerous...they can literally separate the life force from a living human. They prey on the weak, the young and those who have troubled lives. Lon


The Night Of The Black Triangle

I was never big into the whole UFO subject. But things changed in March of 2008 on a late chilly night. That night, I was sitting outside relaxing having a beer and enjoying the peaceful Texas night. It was around midnight. At one point, I started to hear a low humming noise. I didn't think much of it at first, but the sound started getting more intense and it seemed to be getting closer.

5 or so minutes passed and that is when I noticed the noise was coming from above me. So I looked up, and I saw this huge giant black mass flying above me. It couldn't of been but maybe 100-200 feet up in the sky, it was flying low. I could make out the shape, it was shaped like a "V" and it had no lights what so ever, it was silent for the most part besides the low humming noise it made.

The strangest part about the whole thing, was that it seemed to of been following the highway (it flew directly above the highway) and seemed to follow it. There wasn't much of any traffic that late at night here.

It looked to be black, almost jet black but the night sky can play tricks on colors, especially when no light source presents itself. Anyhow, this craft was bigger than a football field. It was easily 100+ yards from front tip to the back tip. Its the single biggest thing that I have ever seen flown or driven in my entire life. My first thought was, have I had too much to drink? Then I looked again and it was still there. I didn't have but maybe 3 beers at that point. Then it came to me that what I was seeing was real. Another odd thing about it - Was that it was flying super slow. It didn't seem like it was in any hurry to get anywhere real fast. I wasn't alone in seeing it - Two days later, a friend I know said he saw the same exact object on the same night I saw it. I live about 45 minutes outside of Fort Hood Texas by the way - I don't know if this was some sort of top secret mass military troop carrier or not. It could have been an ET craft for all I knew at the time. But what I saw both shocked me and made me very curious. This craft seemed to closely resemble the craft seen in Phoenix Arizona in the late 90s.

Later on however I was reading up on the UFO subject and low and behold, there were sightings of a similar craft in Stephenville Texas just a few months before my sighting, which isn't far from me either. The whole Stephenville incident is a now a famous one within Ufology. So perhaps I saw a part of that whole "flap" that took place there.

I have been very interested in the Black Triangle phenomenon ever since my encounter with one. Im curious to know just exactly what they are. Why are they here? What or who flies them? Are these some sort of top secret military craft? Or a black budget government project? Or perhaps even ET? Many people have seen these things - From The St. Clair County Illinois incident to the Belgium UFO wave to the Hudson Valley sightings to the Phoenix Lights case.

For me personally however? Im of the belief that the Black Triangles are ours and they are not connected to ET in anyway outside of maybe being reversed engineered ET technology. I think that we have a few stationed around the US that come out and fly around every so often. Doing what? Who knows. I don't know if we'll know for a long time as to what these things are used for. What I find curious, is that some of these Triangles are an excess of a mile wide (or BIGGER!) from wing to wing and block the sky out into total darkness. Why do we need something so massive for? And why are they being flown over heavily populated areas? Where would you keep these massive things stationed at? Under sea? On some small unmarked islands somewhere? Area 51? What is even more curious, is that these things resemble platforms more than they do an actual craft. Are these things owned by a Breakaway Civilization?

Those are some questions that need to be answered. High Strangeness In Small Town Texas By John Bankhead


The Macquarie Bunyip

In 1870 two bushmen saw the ‘Macquarie Bunyip’, a creature that resembled a bipedal horned dinosaur. Palaeontology was still in its infancy and very few bipedal dinosaur fossils had been discovered.The possible sighting occurred on April 24, 1870, near the Macquarie River, 5 km (3 m.) from Dubbo, 390 km (244 m.) NW of Sydney, NSW. ‘Bunyip’ meant any unknown large creature that may be lurking in the bush.

The story goes, two freehold landowners had sought refuge from rising flood waters on high ground near the Macquarie River. During the night they heard the sounds of land subsiding into the rushing river; then at 11pm something else:

“Presently, there was a second sound - sounds repeated - as though an elephant or rhinoceros was in trouble. And then followed the sweet music or braying of an ass, loudly bursting off at first and diminishing softly in the distance [down the river]. The two freeholders - in whom I have the fullest confidence - went to the hut door, which faces the Macquarie, and looked through the darkness towards the river. Hairs soon stood on end like quills upon the fretful porcupine. They aver they saw a huge monster clinging to a very tall and stout tree of eucalypti species - a large tree well known to both. It’s head was like an elephant’s, only the two tusks projected - one from between the eyes; the other, smaller, a little above the nostrils. The only eye they could see was like a ball of fire. The body was scaly; like the crocodile’s; the fore-limbs long, the talons about ten times as large as a Bengal tiger’s. As the river continued to rise, the bunyip held more tenaciously to the tree, and grinned his teeth occasionally as if in fear or danger. Once he lashed his tail, and on striking the water the noise was like a diminutive sound of Niagara. The river still rose, but a limb in the tree prevented the monster from crawling up further. There was a struggle to get higher; but this effort brought down the tree which he was clinging right over him, and both seemed to float quietly down the Macquarie. My informant didn’t sleep that night; and next morning discovered that a large portion of the river’s bank had fallen in, and two trees embracing each other which had followed suit, were the causes of their previous evening’s discomfort and alarm.”

The report suggests the men were fooled by an optical illusion but that doesn’t explain the loud vocalisation or the “ball of fire”- or indeed why they went public. Did they see a creature from another time or dimension?

Source: Manaro Mercury, and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser 4 June, 1870, p4

Thanks to Jon Wyatt


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