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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Gargoyle in Puerto Rico?

I received the following report from Albert S. Rosales:

Location: Santurce, Puerto Rico
Date: 1996 Time: 1:00 a.m.

The main witness, Jorge Rafael Martin Viñas, at the time a police officer in the Municipal San Juan force, reported that one night as he and some of his co-workers were inside their building (Unidad Impacto) they suddenly heard a very loud noise on the roof as if something extremely heavy had fallen on it. At once, Jorge and five of the other police officers ran up to the roof armed with shotguns, rifles and guns. Once on the roof they were stunned to see a strange muscular creature standing in front of them. They described the creature as bluish-gray in color, with two huge bat-like wings. It was at first bend over apparently eating something on the floor of the roof. The men remained still not knowing what to expect from such a creature. The group of policemen only stood about six-feet away from the winged creature. Upon seeing the policemen, the creature stood up, revealing its incredible height of almost 8 feet. It stared briefly at the men with two large shiny red eyes. It had claws on its hands and on its feet but at no time did it attempt to attack the men, and the men somehow restrained themselves and did not shoot at it.

It suddenly spread out its wings, and jumped up into the air emitting a loud whooshing sound. It then flew up into the sky flapping its wings and disappearing quickly from sight. When the men went to see what it had been eating, they found a dead cat. The men spoke among each other and decided not to make an official report of the encounter. They speculated that they had seen some kind of “gargoyle”.

Source: Jorge Martin Miranda, Puerto Rico - Gracias to Jorge Martin from Puerto Rico for letting me use the image and the story!

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