Friday, June 02, 2017

'Jeepers Creepers': A Bronx Monster Tale

“A few years back, 2011 or so, I was living in the Bronx. My mum & I were outside having yarns and laughs. She heard this strange noise, what sounded like an aircraft or flying object cutting through the air. At first I thought she was joking, until I heard it. he was like, "look baby, it looks like a bat." I was like "that's too big to be a bat." Then she was like "well it must be the weather balloon." She then walks back in the house strangely, so I sat at the back waiting for her to back come out. She came back with coffee, when I heard something cutting through the tree tops. Whatever it was had landed in my neighbors tree (it had been cut back a lot, but had enough leaves covering it). It had a big thump to it when it landed. Mum ran inside when she heard it. I was freaking out, but couldn't help but stare.

As I walked to the fence, I noticed that there was no wind whatsoever. As I was trying to get a better look, a big deep breath blew into my face. I was startled, stood back & said "if you're a man of God show your face now! But if not, just leave please." As I was stepping back I saw it. Shocked like a stunned mullet, this big wind roared up and with a huge thump, it flew into mid-air. Damn, that thing looked liked Jeepers Creepers. Big tall dark man...big built solid body, 7-8 foot & it looked like it had wings like a bat! Shocked, I ran into the house and went directly to my room, laid down thinking about what I witnessed.

The next morning, Mum left to go to work, so I decided to rake the back yard. Then my neighbor yelled "Hey Sis, what happened to you last night?" He then said "you're lucky it didn't take you!" He yarned about an old folk tale, that there was a man with wings like a bat, that used to come around every now & then...take women back to where he lived & makes them his wives. The way he described it was what I saw. Still to this day I don't know for sure what or who this thing was?

Source: Anonymous post

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I believe that the witness may have lived in an Arawak (CuraƧao, Netherlands Antilles) immigrant neighborhood in the Bronx, NY. I'm not familiar with the folklore, but I have heard similar accounts from other Caribbean nationals. Lon

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