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Friday, June 23, 2017

Werewolf, Skinwalker and Dogman Encounters

The following accounts describe three bipedal & quadruped canine related encounters:

“I'm from Henderson, Nevada. I did call to talk about the fact that I saw a... I live in a subdivision in Henderson and there's like railroad tracks in the back of my house. I have someone living on each side and I have someone at the front, so, like, each side. I'm near the railroad track, right up to my back yard. So we do often have people walking along there. When something does happen, there's never like cops on both sides zooming in with their lights and sirens.

So I was being my usual nosy self and wondering what was going on? So I'm looking over my wall. I got a little step-ladder. I saw that they were looking at something with a spotlight, like trying to find it or whatever. Then, what I saw...the first thing that popped into my head was werewolf. Now I don't know what an actual werewolf would look like but that's what popped into my head. Immediately I grabbed my cat and I put my cat inside. I don't want to say I threw it but I put the cat inside, went back out and I saw the spotlight going back and forth and this thing, it was like a hunched back, like, kinda like a Chupacabra would be, hunched over. But when I looked, the first thing that came into my mind was werewolf.

I never heard about it either. Like whatever happened, they went away and nothing was in the newspaper, Obviously, they're not gonna say werewolf found in Henderson. I don't think.”

Source: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis – June 6, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy


"Just thought I'd warn you. There are skinwalkers in Northern California. It's carefully spoken of because they don't want to create fear. There's been Tribal Police that have seen these skinwalkers/shape changers. They seem to take form of foxes most! There's some stories but like everything, you can't speak too much about the supernatural because you might be labeled as crazy.

On my uncle's property, his work hands seen a big grey coyote running along a creek bed. When it turned to look at them, it had eyes like a man. That freaked them out! A neighbor boy said he was outside playing with his remote control car when a fox came up to the fence. He said it was walking on two legs. He ran in the house and told his dad. When he showed the dad where the fox was standing, his dad found small human foot prints where the boy said it was. (These neighbors are non-native but they believe something weird was by the fence.) My hunting partner said one night he was coming back from rabbit hunting when he saw something looking at him in a tree. He thought it was just a raccoon because it had a black mask across its eyes. Then it jumped down from the tree and stared right at him. It didn't have pointy ears or fur. He said it had grayish skin and hands like a person. Then it went behind the tree really fast before he could get a better look at its face. He didn't see no striped tail like raccoons have.

I've read some of the stories about skinwalkers and I know they are around here. It's true."

Source: California Native Entities and Bigfoot Forum


"When I was younger, 16 or 17 I think, I had an encounter with something strange in the forests near Danbury, WI. Background on me is that I am 6'4" and athletic, I am a hunter, camper, and martial artist, generally a survivalist. I was naive and didn't give nature the proper level of respect and basically was a cocky teenager who felt invincible.

Our cabin had been on Long Lake in Danbury, WI. The whole area is forested for the most part, I was there on vacation with my cousin and grandparents, it was a nice and hot summer day, and we had decided to play airsoft, I took airsoft really seriously, I wore a full BDU Woodland with a camouflage mask even. My cousin just wore jeans and a t-shirt.

We had a battle which I took into the woods where I felt comfortable, we were about 150 meters into the forest when we stopped, then I decided to tease my cousin, I shushed him and said "we were being watched" jokingly. Unfortunately it turned out to not be much of a joke, because I immediately then noticed that the woods were dead quiet which only happens when a large predator is around, I was an edge very quickly. Next the feeling of being watched hit hard so I started scanning the surrounding area, then I saw it, the whitish teeth gave it away. What I saw, was at the edge of a clearing about 40 meters from us crouched and holding on to a tree with its left hand, it was panting and watching us with its ears up. It had reddish brown hair/fur, and looked canine. In my head it clicked as a werewolf. I said to my cousin "we have to go" and he bolted, I still had my eyes on it when my cousin started sprinting. The creature charged, it ran on 2 legs for maybe 10 feet and then dropped to all fours, then I turned and sprinted, I could hear it crashing through the woods behind. Once back at the cabin we discussed it. It's still unclear if my cousin saw it. I told him I thought it was a bear to not freak him out, but I know bears. It wasn't a bear.

I started doing research on these things after my encounter which brought me to many dogman related sites, what I saw coincides with other people's sightings. I am now far better about respecting nature and I am extremely cautious with the forests. If I go into nature alone I am always armed, but I prefer to not be alone. Always trust your senses." - Trigger1154

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