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Friday, June 02, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: New Sketch...Chicago Flying Humanoid -- Yowies and Phantoms and Ghosts...Oh My! -- Big Bunny in Our Room

New Sketch...Chicago Flying Humanoid

This new sketch was just received from witness Billy B. (March 22nd, 2017 sighting). Billy B. has agreed to discuss his sighting on Arcane Radio Wednesday, June 7th at 10PM ET. Our featured guest will be paranormal investigator Dave Spinks from Society of the Supernatural


Big Bunny in Our Room

“I know I'll sound really crazy now by saying this but here it goes (deep breath)... my brother and I saw the Easter bunny when we lived in Holland and we still talk about it to this day. He was 5 and I was 3. It was actually dark in our room but we both saw this big shape with huge ears silhouetted in our door as he was shuffling out... and NO, it was not my dad or mom dressed as a bunny nor did they have anyone dress in an outfit. It was very bizarre. I just remember how scared I was because I was afraid he would find me awake and not leave me anything for Easter. It was the same for my brother. I think he bumped into my dresser because it was a noise that woke us both. Hallucination? I guess anything's possible. It was 1970 and living in Holland. Those two things alone are enough to blow a little kid's mind... lol.”

Source: Youtube Comments, Sandy Horton

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Man Leaning on the Tree

“I had an experience in 1961 at 5 yrs old. I lived in a ranch but we would go into town to visit my grandma. I remember this like it was YESTERDAY. It was at night, of course, NO idea the time. I woke up to go to the bathroom, and sleeping next to the window, as I sat up, I looked outside the backyard, and there was a tree like MAYBE 10 yards from the house (give or take) and there was a man leaning on the tree. He had a suit on, a little gangster type looking hat, and the full moon was beaming at him, just shading his eyes and the rest of the face and body, lit by the moon. It looked like someone that was in a casket"

Source: Youtube Comments, Elida Perez

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Yowies and Phantoms and Ghosts...Oh My!

South Sea Islander residents from a central Queensland coastal town turned up in their hundreds for a moonlit walk last weekend, to conquer their fears of the paranormal.

Over the years, the historic town of Joskeleigh has become well known by locals as a spooky place after dark, with stories of yowies — also known locally as "hairy men" — and resident ghosts passed down the generations.

Locals decided to allay fears and invited the public for a night walk along a three kilometre stretch of road that has been avoided in the past due to supernatural sightings.

Jodi Newton, who grew up in Joskeleigh, helped organise the event that saw more than 200 people turn up. Read more at South Sea Islander community confronts fears of yowies and ghosts with night walk


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