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Monday, June 26, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: Mothman Seen Near Chicago in 2005 -- Tall Dark Winged Man in Miami -- Search For The Yacumama

Mothman Seen Near Chicago in 2005

“I live 40 min away from Chicago. I believe this more than ever. My first time hearing about Mothman was from my twin sister. Summer night. 2005. My sister ran into the house very scared. She told me what she had just seen. I didn't believe her. But she drew a picture. Exactly how everyone claims it looks. She even drew the big red eyes. She also said it looks like a huge moth with a human body and large wings. For years I thought she invented the story. Years after I was reading a book about strange creatures. That is when I saw the Mothman. That is also when I believed her. She is not much of a liar. She is a very smart person. Till this day she says it was true. So I do think this sighting are real. (also, that I know nothing bad happened to her or anyone in the family)”

Source: Youtube comments, Aidee Fernandez

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Tall Dark Winged Man in Miami

I recently received the following account from author / researcher Albert Rosales:

Hello Lon, I remember a lady calling the police back in 1994 reported a brief sighting of a winged creature. She was elderly and refused to cooperate interpreting the incident as demonic in nature:

Location. Miami, Florida
Date: June 23, 1994
Time: 04:00 a.m.

The lone witness (an elderly lady) had been unable to sleep and had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She was sitting at the table, which faces a large window when she noticed movement by a large fruit tree in her backyard. She then noticed a tall dark winged man-like figure step from behind the tree and glide towards the side of the house. The witness attempted to obtain a closer view by looking out the window but by that time the figure had vanished. She reported the incident to the police and interpreted it, as some type of demonic manifestation.

HC addition #1701

Source: Personal Investigation (Rosales)


Great White Shark Boom Off Cape Cod

A great white shark population boom is underway off Cape Cod, with as many as 150 expected in local waters this summer — and first responders are training to keep an eye out for the massive predators and deal with their traumatic bites.

“They have multiplied in numbers exponentially since I became chief,” said Orleans fire Chief Anthony Pike, who has led Orleans Fire and Rescue for the past three years. “Great white sharks comprise about 30 percent of my daily work right now, and I never, ever thought that would be a thing.”

Massachusetts Marine Fisheries scientist Gregory Skomal and others began studying the regional population of white sharks in 2014, when they counted 68 great whites. Last summer, that number was 147. Read more at Cape warned of shark boom


Search For The Yacumama

The latest episode of Expedition Mungo examined the Yacumama, purported to be gargantuan snake residing in the Peruvian Amazon. Back in 2010-11, I was interested in the Warner Amazon Expeditions in the same region.

You can find some of the information at Warner Amazon Expedition 2010 and New Amazon Documentary Supports Warners' Discovery of Living Yacumama. Here is a video - New Documentary Features Warner Expedition


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