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Monday, June 19, 2017

'I've seen them...'

I recently received the following account:

Subject: Sept. 5, 1974 Encounter

Mom and I remember it as clear as it happened yesterday. It truly makes me feel a little uneasy to think of it because I don't understand what it was all about, and my emotions tend to go away thinking about it. The only way I am able to describe it. No fear, no awe, nothing. Zero emotion.

My Dad, Mom, neighbor boy Ricky, my dog, and I were camped out at Middlegate, Nevada. Then abandoned. We had our 1970 Dodge pickup parked nose to the west, picnic table in front of the truck. Our camper trailer was parked nose to north. Mom and Dad were sleeping inside the camper, and Ricky, doggie (Wolfgang), and I were sleeping on cots, next to the trailer with our heads to the south.

Everyone must have been sound asleep, but me. I was restless and couldn't seem to nod off at all. I'm thinking it's around 11:30 P.M. I lay there looking up at the stars, and started to hear a steady hum like that of an electric motor. I figured it was some mining operation somewhere near us. It was not very audible, a very subtle hum. I gave it no mind until I looked north east of us on a hill.

Eyewitness rendition

There was a small fire, which appeared to be a large tumbleweed or sagebrush burning. I just kept looking at it and wondered what may have started the flame. I thought, "I hope that it doesn't come down here." I then saw something very odd slowly rising out of the flame. Normally a person would react in some dramatic manner at just this.

A round object, a sphere like highly polished metal or chrome with red and blue strobing lights on antennas is as clear as I can describe it. The sphere may have been 10 feet in diameter. It continued to rise, and the fire below went out. I looked to the south west of us and there was another, and another to the south east. The three chrome like spheres were hovering in a triangular formation.

My mind was there, but I felt nothing, I just kept watching the spheres. Ricky and our dog did nothing. I remember I had a strong urge to get up and urinate. I got up out of my cot and walked between the camper and our truck and looked over the hood of the truck to the north.

There in front of me were three small beings under 5 feet tall. They were thin, had rather large heads clad all in a radiant white with a light blue aura about them. The one in the middle had a round light, again a globe. As quickly as I spotted them, the one in the middle turned out the light, and they were gone in seconds.

I got excited then, not remembering if I urinated or not, I hurried to our cots and tried to wake Ricky! I shook him! I punched him in the arm with a closed fist! I yelled at him, "Ricky, you got to wake up! You won't believe what I've seen!" Our male dog did not wake either. Both sound asleep! Why?

Eyewitness rendition

In the morning I told everyone about it, and yes I could have perhaps believed that I was dreaming, but my mother saw them in the camper without looking through the window. She saw them telepathically! She described them exactly as I saw them! Dad was sound asleep. Only mom and I saw them. Why? We are females. It seemed that I was of more interest at the time as I was a fertile teen, not so much mom who had a hysterectomy.

We all carefully walked around our campsite and we found tiny flat-soled, narrow shoe prints all over where I had been. The prints had a cross-hatch pattern to them. These prints were much smaller than our own. So what was the whole thing about?! Did they do experiments on me? Take ovum? I can't answer that. Make of this as you will. Roswell, Betty and Barney Hill, Lonnie Zamora of Socorro, et al. I not only believe, I know!

In 1977 when I saw 'Close Encounters of The Third Kind' my jaw dropped as I first saw the little ETs. I gasped, and whispered to myself' "I've seen them..."

Sincerely, Vivian McAlexander
Socorro, New Mexico, USA
(June 2017)

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