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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily 2 Cents: 'I felt like I was in grave mortal danger' -- Bumble Bee Placed on Endangered List -- 'You're crazy lady!'

'I felt like I was in grave mortal danger'

Alan in Louisville, Kentucky called in to tell his strange story of encounter black robed monks:

“Back in about 2003 I worked at the city jail here in Louisville and I lived kind of in a more remote area. You know, at the time and I was driving home after working - a very long double shift at about 1 o'clock in the morning. I got off at midnight. So about half of the way home, I drive on the road along the river. There's not much down there except for old terminals. There's not much activity down there at night. It's literally right next to the Ohio River. The other side is Indiana.

As I'm driving, I come up on these three figures, you know, three people and they looked like they were wearing old time robes and they were standing literally in the middle of the road to where they blocked both lanes. I stopped. I turned my bright lights on to look at them. One of them raised its arm to me and that's when I noticed their eyes were like glowing red. I had the creepiest feeling. I felt like I was in grave mortal danger. I did not dare try to go forward. And I mean I was armed and everything but I turned around and went the long way home.

I got home around 2 o'clock in the morning instead of my usual. I wasn't that far from home but I turned around and went back around. I just felt like I was in mortal danger and the energy that night was weird. My cat was doing strange things. And there was a lot of fog that night.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis - June 21, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy


'You're crazy lady!'

In 1982, I was 12 years old. One evening that winter, near the holidays, my mother woke me up from a deep sleep at 2am. She was freaking out, and wanted me to verify that she wasn't crazy.

Our home in Vermont is located high on the East side of the Winooski River Valley. From my bedroom window, there is a beautiful 20 mile view across the valley towards Camel's Hump. About 8 miles away down in that river valley there is a hydro-power dam. At the time it was under construction and there was a large crane at the site. During the holidays they hung a array of lights on the crane tower to look like a Christmas tree. We could see that from our house.

So, what had my mother so scared? There was a light hovering over the dam, and it was changing colors. Red, blue, green, white, red again. It was moving back and forth ever so slowly, and occasionally would "bounce" up and down. I was an aircraft freak even at that age and mom wanted to know if I knew what it was. I didn't. From our vantage point, it was impossible to tell if it was something moving on the mountain side beyond the river or if it was between us and the far side of the valley, but it sure looked like it was moving over the lights on the crane.

My mother called the BTV airport and asked them if anyone else was calling in about this mysterious light in the valley. Of course, they pretty much thought she was a crazy lady and said that nothing was amiss. They did, however, give her the number to our nearest military installation, Plattsburgh Air Base (closed in 1992). So, at my behest, she called them and told the same story. You guessed it - same result. "You're crazy lady!".

It was a crystal clear night, so we returned to the window to watch this object some more. Within five minutes something unexpected happened.

From the opposite side of the valley several aircraft popped up over the ridge in formation and headed down the valley. We could see their collision lights with the familiar red, green and white strobes. I figured military, of course, but wondered about the response time. Plattsburgh is at least 50 miles away by air, so it is possible they could cover that distance under full military power if they had been on the ready line when we called...or, had they already been on the way?

The jets got to within two miles or so of the mysterious object when it suddenly brightened, turned white, and went straight up. Fast. It disappeared into the night sky effortlessly. We continued to watch for several more minutes as the jets did a few orbits, then returned the way they came. With that, we called it a night.

Others in my high school saw the event or heard the jets, but we never saw anything in the news. I'll probably never know, but it definitely helped form the opinions I have today about our visitors from other worlds. JM


Very Active House

This past week, I was sitting in my living room watching TV at approx. 2:00pm, when a young blond haired boy burst through the wall next to my fireplace, and as he stared right straight at me, ran through the living room and disappeared into the dining room. I immediately froze from shock and surprise. Then after a moment gathered myself and ran after him. But he had disappeared. When I mentioned something about it to a neighbor, he said that it must be Josh. Josh lived in our home in the 1980s, and was hit and killed by a car one block away. This is but one of many events that occur in our home.

My husband has witnessed two men come down our hallway in the middle of the night and turn into the spare bedroom only to disappear.

Back in June, as I again sat watching TV at about 10:30pm, the vertical blinds on the window behind me suddenly blew out from the bottom like a great wind had blown them. Not thinking that I had already closed the windows for the night, I went to close the window and found that it was already closed, but that it was perfectly calm outside. I immediately went to bed as I was pretty freaked out.

As I was again preoccupied watching the tube, something caught my eye in the hallway. You know how when your in a darkened room, and someone opens the door from a brightly lit area you see the light around the edges of the doorway? Well I saw that same thing, only the doorway was opening in the middle of the hall. I have no idea what it was.

We have lived in our home for 6 yrs. and have experienced something odd at least once weekly. We don't feel these spirits are harmful and have grown used to such things. Unfortunately not all of our guests feel the same. MM


Bumble Bee Placed on Endangered List

Miami (AFP) - US officials for the first time have placed a bee found in the continental United States on the endangered species list.

Authorities said Wednesday the move was taken after a precipitous decline in the rusty patched bumblebee population, due to pesticides, disease and climate change.

These once common bumblebees are now "balancing precariously on the brink of extinction," said a statement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

"Abundance of the rusty patched bumble bee has plummeted by 87 percent, leaving small, scattered populations in 13 states and one province," down from 28 states in the 1990s.

The final rule listing the rusty patched bumble bee as endangered appeared in the January 11 edition of the Federal Register and takes effect on February 10.

Experts say the bees are important because they pollinate economically important crops such as tomatoes, cranberries and peppers across the central and northern United States, as well as parts of Canada.

Their decline is likely due to a combination of factors: loss of habitat, disease and parasites, use of pesticides, climate change and extremely small population size.

Their endangered status signifies that they "are in danger of becoming extinct throughout all or a portion of their range," said a statement from FWS.

"Our top priority is to act quickly to prevent extinction of the rusty patched bumble bee," said FWS Midwest regional director Tom Melius.

"Listing the bee as endangered will help us mobilize partners and focus resources on finding ways right now to stop the decline."

Late last year, seven types of bees found in Hawaii became the first to be placed on the US federal list of endangered and threatened species.

The yellow faced or yellow masked bees have become endangered because of a loss of habitat in Hawaii, among other factors, wildlife experts said. - Bee placed on endangered list after US habitat loss


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