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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Murdered Mother's Spirit Endures

Brandon, a police officer in Delaware, wrote in to Darkness Radio describing a strange sighting he had:

“I am a police officer. I have been on the job now for 12 years. One night in the last week of July, 2013, I had been hanging out with some friends on my day off. It was a misty, rainy night and my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, was working a night-shift, so I was solo. Around 11:30pm I decided to head home. I lived in a very rural, out of the way area at the time on the Delaware / Maryland border. Part of this area is covered by miles of thick woodland swamp that has interconnecting dirt roads that run throughout it in both Delaware and Maryland. There are also several farms along this stretch of actual improved paved roadway that cuts through the center of this swamp.

Well, on this night, I was driving along the main roads through the swamp area which I'd done thousands of times to get away from the beach area where I was hanging out with my friends to my house. As I approached a stretch of the roadway where an old abandoned farmhouse sits, my headlights fell upon a nude, white female figure crouched on the edge of the ditch in front of the house. She was at a side profile angle to me. She was a solid figure and looked like a real person. She was dirty and disheveled. She had shoulder length brown hair and her head was hung forward so her hair covered her face profile making it so that I could not see her face. She never looked toward my vehicle and never did make any movements from the crouched, almost like holding herself, position. As soon as I saw this, I felt like an electrical charge feeling through my body. I think I saw her for about 15 seconds which included my approach toward the property and looking at her as I passed. Within 10 seconds, after I snapped out of whatever had shocked me, I immediately turned my truck around and went back for her. It hit me initially like a paranormal event. When I snapped out of that feeling, I immediately went into cop mode and assumed this person really needed help. I had only maybe made it about 200 yards down the road, when I turned around. By the time I was back in that location, it was approximately 20 seconds from the last moment I saw her and she was gone.

I got out on foot and searched the area, contacted the dispatch and had a trooper come out and help me look but nothing. No clothes on the ground. No footprints. No sign of life anywhere. So I wrote this off as some dumb-ass kid screwing with traffic as it passed by. Maybe there was a getaway vehicle somewhere or something. Who knows? But I have tried to let it go. Fast forward over the last couple of years and my interest in the paranormal has increased. One night while I was laying in bed, I'm the kind of guy who sometimes has trouble shutting his mind off for bedtime. For whatever reason, I was thinking about this incident and it clicked for me that during the time frame of my incident, a murder / rape had been committed in the area. A young mother, a white female with brown hair, who was an employee at a nearby church-run daycare was abducted by the janitor and raped and murdered somewhere in the vicinity and her body had been dumped along one of the interconnecting dirt roads on the Maryland side of the swamp. She was reported missing and found on June 15, 2012. MSP had developed a suspect off DNA from the body that was linked to a janitor at the church who was a registered sex offender. That's why his DNA was on file. They subsequently made the arrest for murder. A problem arose when further examination of the scene and the body that the body was likely dumped there and the crime had not been committed there which meant that those charges were not going to stick. So over the past few years DSP has been making a case on the crime occurring in Delaware since she was abducted from the daycare at the church. The investigation went on for another year until August 12, 2013 when they secured an indictment on him in Delaware. This case still hasn't gone to trial by the way but this is all public information online. I made the connection that the property where I saw the female was about a mile from the daycare and sat across the road from the Delaware side entrance to the interconnecting dirt roads in the swamp. I also connected that pictures of the victim looked similar to the female that I saw though I did not see a face. I also connected that approximately two weeks after I saw her, Delaware charges were finally filed. Then the biggest thing that I connected was how I felt and reacted to this incident. The immediate electrical shock feeling I felt was something I'd never felt before.

I've seen a lot of screwed up stuff, for a lack of better terms. There is no reason why I would feel and react the way I did when I saw that girl. Any other time, I would have slammed on the brakes and went to her aid immediately. Just the sight of a random girl in a ditch shouldn't affect me like that under normal circumstances. I do not know if there is a connection to that property and the murder case, but, and this is just a theory, and nothing more, I think the victim's spirit had come to me that night because she knew I was a cop and I might have been able to help her. Maybe she was showing me where she was killed. I don't know. Maybe I’m way off base but it is an interesting story nonetheless.”

Source: Darkness Radio - December 21, 2016

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