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Monday, January 30, 2017

Phantom Cat Attacks!

Matthew in New Hampshire wrote to Darkness Radio in order to describe his strange experience:

“My wife and I encountered a malevolent spirit that attacked me and left me with scratch marks on my head. Back in the early 2000s my then fiance and I rented the end unit of a four unit townhouse in the hills of Manchester, New Hampshire. Late at night we would hear thumping and banging from the second floor. We originally thought nothing of it because we owned a 13 pound Maine coon cat that loved to chase her toy mice late at night. We were later introduced to our neighbors, a single mom with two teenage boys, who fought incessantly. If our cat was asleep on her perch, any thumps or banging was naturally dismissed as the boys next door.

Things got weird once we settled in. The neighbors would not be home and our cat would be asleep high on her cat perch and we could still hear loud thumps and bangs on the second floor. We had gut feelings that something was up but never thought it was anything malevolent.

We hosted a party at our house and our friend, a known sensitive, came in to the kitchen and asked, What's with the old woman upstairs? We gave him a blank stare, not knowing what the heck he was talking about. Another friend, less sensitive, walked to the top of the stairs and refused to go any further without someone being with her.

Late one night my fiance and I were getting ready to go to bed. Without my contact lenses or glasses, my vision is not the best, I thought I had seen my cat poking her head out from the second bedroom doorway. When I knelt down and whispered if she was okay, half expecting her usual meow, the cat lunges at me, scratching my head. I fell backwards and exclaimed a profanity, That F'n cat scratched my face! My fiance, now alert to the situation, said, How's that possible, the cat is on our bed!?! Sure enough she was eagerly waiting for us to fall asleep to go hunting in the night to bring us her catch, her fake mice.

Through our own investigation, we determined there was an elderly woman who resided on the second floor and did not approve of my fiance and I living together. We sage rubbed the townhouse and moved out shortly thereafter. Lastly, my now wife and I reside in Atkinson, New Hampshire with our two beautiful children.”

Source: Darkness Radio - January 2, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Spirits of cats or other pets is not unusual...though vicious pet spirits are not normally experienced. In my last residence there was a spirit of a cat that had a habit of jumping from the back of our sofa onto my sleeping dog. It would have been interesting to know if Matthew's attacking phantom cat was an actual spirit of a feline being directed by the vengeful old woman, or if her energy shape-shifted as a cat.

I'm not a fan of 'smudging' with sage or other herbs...especially if done by the residents without experience. It rarely removes the spirit, which will eventually resume it's activities. Incense (or essential oils), dressing & etching a white candle and affirmation is far more effective. There are other practical methods for calming and protecting people/property from disturbing spirits. Clearing the offending malevolent entity is an entirely different practice. Lon

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