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Monday, January 23, 2017

Ding, Dong...MIB Calling

Linda called in to describe a bizarre experience she had when she was a young girl:

“I want to talk about an experience I had in 1984. Okay, I was at my house and I went to the door because I heard a knock. I looked outside and I saw four people that were almost like grey/black. It was with two women and two men. All of them had like black suits. It was in the daytime. They all seemed to be dressed in a grey/black but it almost seemed like...vapor. Like they weren't really there. They were, but it looked really dark, grey/black and they were carrying like a black suitcase. They had a black car. It was an old fashioned, like the old Crown Vic car, the old cop cars.

I asked them if I could help them and they said that they were looking for my sister. I told them she wasn't there at the moment and I told them if they wanted to leave a message, I would let her know. I wanted to know who they were and they told me they were from Avon. I just...I didn't think so because they wouldn't be the Avon people. They were all dressed in black, like a grey/black. Not just black. They had sunglasses. The whole thing was unreal. They did seem to be kind of vapor. Not really there. Vaporish. After they told me they were from Avon, I saw one of them go to the back of the house. I thought they were looking for something and then, I never saw when they arrived there and I never saw when they left either. All I know is they knocked. That's when I first saw them. I didn't see them driving out.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis - June 21, 2016

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