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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Response: Attacked by Spirit Energy

I received several comments in reference to Attacked by Spirit Energy, where I described a spirit energy attack that I sustain in the hospital last week. I'd like to share one comment in particular:

Mr Strickler, I had been meaning to send this email earlier but I have been busy. Now that you relayed to us your experience at the hospital, I will send you this.

My friend lives in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico and works as a nurse at a local hospital. On 24th Dec approx. 4 am, she went to the break room to rest for a short while. As she laid down on one of the cots and closed her eyes, she felt some one slap her on the knees. She thought it was her co-worker and sat up. As she did, there was this spirit wearing a hospital gown who grabbed her by the throat and was trying to strangle her. She tried fighting him off but the spirit grabbed her arm with one of his hands. She tried screaming to her coworker to come and help her but her screams could barely come out. Finally her coworker heard her muted screams and came to see what was the problem. At the time of her arrival, my friend says the man (spirit) flew out the window. She never saw it's face. She was very shaken and called me to try and explain to her what had happened. I live in Texas but she is very close to me. Her coworker saw red bruises on her neck but she did not see the spirit.

I gave her a ritual to banish the evil spirit and says that it is no longer in the break room but another worker has seen something in one of the closets there. I also sent her to get a cleansing for her fright.

Thank you, Sir for giving us Phantoms and Monsters! JCG

NOTE: Most reported paranormal related accounts in hospitals involve NDEs / OBEs. But over the years, I have received several entity and portal experiences from witnesses in hospitals. Not so much earthbound energies of deceased patients...but more of hospital staff, including nurses and doctors. The particular spirit energy I encountered was that of an indiscriminate female. Lon

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