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Monday, January 09, 2017

Attacked by Spirit Energy

Hey folks...thanks for your patience in regards to the sporadic publishing the blog recently. Hopefully my schedule will be a bit more sane after this next week. That being said...I had an unusual 'incident' last Thursday while waiting for tests at the hospital.

I now live in Hanover, PA...which is my hometown. I had been living in the metro Baltimore, MD area for almost 40 years. The hospital here in Hanover has been entirely renovated and expanded over the years. It's actually very efficient and well-staffed. The week I spent there as a patient this past September was uneventful and comfortable.

Like I stated earlier, I had to go through pre-surgery testing last Thursday. So I checked in, then sat in the waiting area. While sitting, I experienced a 'flash' of pink & light green color in my mind's eye. I sense this color combination when a strong spirit energy is nearby. Then suddenly, I sensed the presence of a female spirit...and at the same time, I feel increasing pressure on my throat. In fact, I had the sensation of something wrapped around my neck and pressing hard on my throat. I wasn't gagging, but I was uncomfortable. This lasted for about 10 seconds or so...then it quickly stopped. I regained my bearings, and attempted to pick up on the energy responsible for the attack.

A few minutes later, I was called into the examination room. The nurse was asking me questions, but then she looked at me and asked 'where did you get those marks on your throat?' I stood and looked in a mirror. Sure enough, there were red marks across my lower throat.

Anyway, this is not the first time that I have been subjected to an entity or psychic attack. I does occur, but usually while I'm engaged in a clearing session or during a remote view. Hospitals are notorious for the presence of various earthbound spirit energies...as well as any other location where people have passed away.

I'm posting this as a warning. I always protect myself wherever I go. If you are going into a situation where there is the possibility of an unseen attack, please be prepared. There are a few tried and true methods of protection. It's not always foolproof...but it can minimize most undesired effects.

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